Phono pre amp

Is there a phono pre amp that I can run direct with my amp? My turntable is my only source.

Manley steelhead, it would also allow one other source if you choose at a later date.
6 months ago I heard Sound Quest prototype of the SQ PH-1t
MC / MM Phono Pre- Amplifier with variable gain. Able to drive the amp(s) directly and supposedly works with any cartridge. It was pretty good for the asking price ($1600) and what it had to offer. I did not compare it to other phono-stages and haven't heard it since. With that in mind, audition but judge for yourself.

Wright Sound Company WPP200C.


However, it's probably not up to the level of the rest of your system.

It's worth experimenting with this, but I'll bet anything you'll be missing some midbass and low end. In this situation, you're essentially running your phono stage as a passive preamp. Even if you ideally match the output impedance of your phono stage to the input impedance of your amp, I bet you'll lose the fullness that a linestage brings to the picture. I've had several excellent passives and this has always been the case. Ralph Karsten of Atma-Sphere fame has an excellent explanation for this phenomena in this forum:

Are passive preamps better?
Art Audio has one, but beware of the issue Mingles brought up.
I am with Swampwalker and Mingles.

But other choices are Aesthetix IO (has volume control option) or why not get the matching Hovland Preamp with phono built in? Nagra PLL another good preamp with phono built in choice...
Haven't tried it myself yet but the PS Audio GCPH can drive an amp directly and some swear this is the way to do it. The GCPH is extremely flexible if under $1000 is where your budget lies(or even if it doesn't).
K&K Audio SE has a volume control option.

Another thought is considering you have a Hovland amp why not one of the Hovland preamps. I know its a full function preamp and has more inputs than you'll need, but it is an active linestage and would eliminate the potential issues that Mingles brought up. Should have great synergy with your amp too.
It has a high gain that can be directly connected to a power amp.
I have used it both directly with Linn power amp and via Rogue Magnum preamp. I also felt something was missing with direct hookup even though it was subtle.
Thanks for all the imput, it looks like I am going to have to go with a full on line stage pre amp!!
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Can you give us an idea of your budget and the TT/arm/cart and the rest of your kit? A line only preamp won't work as you'll need a phono stage with RIAA EQ. Line only stages don't have a phono stage. Do you prefer a tube based or SS setup? It's difficult to help otherwise.