Phono Pre Amp $1K or less?

I'm thinking of moving to a seperate phono pre. Although my TAD 150 has a decent phono stage, I want ot see if I can take my rig up a notch. I have a Merrill modded AR TT w/Audioquest PT5 arm and a Goldring 1042 cart. The Sutherland PH3D looks interesting. I am limited in rack space. The Sutherland would fit beneath my pre in my rack without any problem. Anything other than a slim flat component would require some major rearranging. Tubes or SS does not matter. If I make a move I just want it to be sonically justified (yeah, I know, whatever that means..) I want quietness, detail and 3D soundstage. No, I am not married to the Goldring either. Any suggestions or comments on the Sutherland or any other piece?
The PS Audio GCPH is a phenomenal buy at under $1000. I tried many phono pre-amps costing up to $3500 and this little unit matched or bettered most. Very versatile, well-built, balanced circuitry.

For $350 more you can get the Underwood/Part Connexion modded version which improves things even more. Hard to beat this one for under $5000.
Try and pick up a Sim Audio LP5.3 used. I bought one as a holdover and I have decided to keep it. i will add the outboard power supply when they come out. I replaced the Ayre P-5XE (very nice itself) with this phonostage. I am very happy I made the move. They have lots of options, are very quiet, and the sound is big, refined and smooth.