I'm looking for a phono-pre, suitable for MC, with a high gain since it will be used with a Kiseki Agaat Ruby cartridge. It has to outperform the onboard phonostage of a Aragon 24K pre, which sounds good but gives a little to much noise. I've already tried the Ming Da Phono 2006, which is quiet enough but lacks some power in the lower frequencies. Any recommendations? Budget is around 1000-1500 dollar, the rest of the system is a Goldmund Studietto TT with T5 arm, Aragon 24K preamp with IPS (and the P&G), Threshold S/300 poweramp and Apogee Centaur Major loudspeakers.
Look into the Wright Sound Company WPP200C.
I had a Michael Yee Audio PFE-1, which I think retails for about $900. Michael is the designer of the Musical Surroundings Phenomena and the newer Supernova. The PFE-1 has variable gain and load settings and can be configured for about 65dB of gain. I can tell you it is quiet and sounds great, even competitive with a much more expensive phono stage I now own.
EAR 834P is a very fine preamp that is tube based. I have two and am very happy with them in solid state and tube systems. A Shelter 501 mk2 feeds one and a Lyra Helikon the other.
Thanx for the responses. I ended up with a Sphinx Phono Equalizer, a flexible beast with three different gain setting: 47, 58 and 66 dB and switchable load- and capacitance settings. The authorative, very detailled sound fits my taste and system perfect, so I'm a happy camper.
Here you can see some pics of the Sphinx: