Phono Output Volume is Too Low

I just finished installing a Music Hall MMF-5 turntable. It sounds nice but the volume is way low, about 1/4 that of other sources at full volume (typically I listen between 1/4 and 1/2 of full volume).
The Amp is a Creek 4330 integrated amp. It seems like a I need a phono pre-amp. I didn't think so since it's an integrated amp with an aux(phono) input.
So asuming I was wrong and need a phono pre-amp should I go with the Creek OBH-8 or what else do you suggest for a Goldring 1012GX MM cartridge.
I wonder about the output level of your cartridge? If it's low-level <1mV, then a higher output moving magnet or a budget model Grado variable-reluctance design should help the situation. I also wonder if your integrated actually HAS a phono stage? aux/phono input may only be a line-level input if the optional phono stage isn't there, or is switched out of circuit via internal jumpers. If that's the case then not only do you not have the proper RIAA Eq. but the input impedance is probably too low, further aggravating the situation.
One lower cost phono stage that's also worth looking at used is the McCormack micro phono. I saw one up for sale only yesterday.
creek has a phono card that is a add-on, ya might not have that option? sells them fer around 50 bucks.... free shipping this month, email them with yer problem............ luck be with you
Yeh, the Creek 4330 phono is an add-on. It sais Aux/phono, because it is just another standard line-in without the phono board. If AudioAdvisor does not have the board for the 4330 (the listing I see is for the 5330), then contact the folks at
Thanks for the info and the leads. I didn't realize that the phono was an option.