Phono only pre under $1500

for under $1500 (including used prices), is there a pure phono pre with the following features: low noise, transparent, MM/MC input, balanced output, RIAA curve only?
The Ayre P-5xe seems to meet your criteria.
Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no used ones for sale here on Audiogon, but $1,500 is the typical price.

Here is a link to the Ayre website, so you can scan the specifications.

Ayre P-5xe

FYI, I use the Ayre K-1xe preamp, with the optional phono boards, which are very similar to the boards in the P-5xe.
It works great with my Dynavector XV-1S, a MC cartridge, which has an output of 0.3 mv. I run my turntable completely balanced also, both into and out of the preamp. There is virtually no noise floor at all. (I will state however, that I have never used a MM cartridge, so I don't know how well it works with that type.)

Good Luck in your search.
You can also try the SimAudio LP5.3 which is $1500 at list and is highly adjustable. Mine has performed flawlessly and beat many contenders that were more expensive. I have used it with a Benz Ruby3 and a Clearaudio Maestro. There are some great reviews on the web.
I just picked up a Whest PS.30R for a little above that price point. I've had it in my system about a week and feel it is doing (almost) everything I want--great dynamics, speed and articulation, very deep bass, black backgrounds (very low noise), adjustable gain and solid build quality. Very neutral presentation--super clean and musical. The Whest sounds better in my system than the ARC PH-5, EAR 834P and the Acoustech PH-1P. Really nice product--I can't recommend it highly enough.
Aqvox 2CI MKII.With a little negotiation,list is $1795.Mine has been quiet,dependable and very transparent.Gain matching is a pleasure and allows cartridges down to .1mV through its' balanced inputs.
Definitely worth your consideration.
anyone try out the PS Audio GCHP?