phono noise

I picked up a Project 2.1 tt yesterday. When I put my pre amp on phono and turn up the volume I can hear the tuner. This is with no record playing. Why is this?
It's possible your interconnects are picking up the stray noise. Make sure you are using shielded ic's.
Crosstalk on preamp inputs is quite common and not a cause for concern. It us usually a greater problem with phono inputs as they have by far the greatest gain. The simple answer is to turn off your tuner when listening to LPs. If, on the other hand, you already have the tuner off, then please report this as it indicates that you have RFI, which is caused by component parts acting as an antenna, the system then amplifying these parasitic radio waves.
Thanks guys! This makes perfect sense.
And I will just keep the tuner off while listening to my vinyl.
Unplug your CD and digital gear to. While that likely won't be the cause of your issue above, it will lower your noise floor somewhat...