Phono leads, cartridge internal impedance, life++

I was beginning to worry I didn't have enough to worry about but I've recently discovered Audience manufacture three phono leads depending on the internal impedance of the cartridge used. LOW for less than 30 ohms. MEDIUM for 30 to 100 ohms. High for 100 ohms up beyond 47K (which therefore includes MM).
I have Hovland MusicGroove 2 which I'm so pleased with I'd stopped worrying about it - except a recent opportunity arose when I discovered there was an old MusicGroove 2 and a newer upgraded one of the same name (which Michael Fremer thought even better) - and I don't know which I've got...
I am in the process of moving happily towards a consistent wiring loom of Audience Au24e interconnects and speaker cables with PowerChord e (can't afford Au24 power) plus aR8 power conditioner (equivalent to US aR12 but we have to cater for bigger plugs and bigger voltages in England).
This whole area is another delicious Rat's Nest of personal preference, equipment combination, dogma and bias but I would be grateful for any input that could fuel my worrying.
Winter is upon us so we needn't just listen to music and enjoy it, we have plenty of time to listen to the equipment too.
Tally ho DUDE!!
That's a worry.
I think the only thing to be done now is humanely terminate this thread rather than let it suffer any longer.

I thought impedance matching might be up there on the audiophile worry list - but it seems not.

David Berning's latest ZOTL amps cleverly determine the connected speakers' impedance in order to (I'm told) lose the massive output transformers &or high output tube impedance to drive the speakers. Audience impedance-matching a cartridge sounded like a nod at the same 'opportunity'.

Whatever, I'll shuffle off and look into it alone - unless Ebm has a more stirring rallying cry.