Phono interconnect recommendation?

After dormant years I have reactivated my Pink Triangle/SME-V/Lyra Clavis turntable system. What single-ended innterconnect would be suitable to connect the turntable to the Krell KRC preamp? The triangles post are not very sturdy and so the cable must be more flexible than NBS or other stiff connectors.
I've tried 3 cables. The Vandenhel, the Graham IC50 and now the Hovland series 2. The Hovland did it for best for me. The graham was a little lighter in tonal balance, but great detail still and great bass. The vandenhul was the bottom of the list.
I use the Phono Cable from XLO. It is from their Signature Series.
This one is specially designed for phono signals and it is shielded,too.
I had so much more information compared to others, I had problems to believe that.
I can be made for all kind of Arm connectors.
I prefered it to Cardas and the Graham cable, but these are also good ones.
Transparent Audio also has one or more levels of phono cables. I use a pair that are about 2 years old now and have held their own against the few competitors that I have tried. The only concern is the network is capable of picking up hum if too close to an AC outlet. Otherwise, very musical and detailed without any harshness. They also have a great upgrade policy.
Bob Crump's phono cable. His company is TG audio..very competively priced. I prefered it in every way to the Harmonic Tech Silver I used.
The XLO signature definitely is a great choice. I'm using two of their phone cables.
Harmonic Technologies Silver is the cable I recently replaced the Synergistic Alpha Sterling with (not really a phono cable but a single-ended IC). Much, much improved and quieter, I don't even have to use the ground wires and the residual hum I had before is completely gone. Very neutral, with great air and clear bass.
Echoing what Hifimaniac said, the TG Audio can be a good choice (disclaimer: I'm a dealer for TG). Bob Crump's new High Purity interconnects should be silly good for phono, given how good they sound here elsewhere in the system. I can't wait to get a set for phono.