phono interconnect -diy - mogami or van den hul

Hi Everyone

I have been thinking of getting the Van Den Hul D501, and have been in the the past like thinking that cheaper cables were not even worth looking at.

Recently i have used a few cheap van damme cables, despite the low cost were not bad. I have read around here on the forum and Mogami seems popular, and the best thing i can get the 2534 here in Australia online for only 3.99/meter. There also is the 2549 which is good.

The quad star layout of the 2534 is a bit confusing in ways of terminating. It could have lower noise than the 2549 or better suited for a turntable interconnect.

I currently have a diy 30awg silver wire and (not the best shield - like the thick spiral on the van damme and mogami cables. I am thinking also copper is good all around since the arm and headshells are copper

Which Mogami would suit, sure i can find the 2549 here also

The Technics SU-V9 has 2 phono interconnects. I just use a MP110 cart so its MM. Its by no means a bad cart. I also have other turntables one with a Empire 2000Eiii. Its a diy cable also and headsells - i managed to get a very thick sheild for that cable. I do like the sound of the empire.

It would be more expensive to copy the empire phono interconnect vs the already made Mogami cables.

I cant recall but i think i did the shield on the turntable end ( straight wire from turntable no rca plugs) and also the rca end to the amplifers rca sockets

The factory internal cable is shielded both ends with the wire attached at the input pcb and spiral to the rca sockets
v9 internal cables
thank you Sam :)
The VDH uses silver plated copper and can sound literally like silver: bright, shimmery, pale yellow, sibilant.
I use Jelco JAC501. I have tried others but this beats them. Very transparent and balanced.
The Mogami quad was popular in the early days of digital because it attenuated the high-frequency hash and trash of early digital.  But really it is intended for dealing with radical cases of RF noise and not really optimized for audio, because that's a different thing.