Phono Interconnect

Can anyone recommend a decent phono cable from the TT to my Integrated. I have a Pro-Ject RM5SE and a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium integrated equipped with a phono stage. Looking to enhance my listening experience as just recently got into vinyl. Not wanting a really high dollar cable just one that is a great bang for the buck.
Couldn't quickly find the RM5SE manual online, but if it has the same RCA output configuration as the 5.1, you can use any good quality RCA interconnect. You don't have to have an integrated ground lead in the IC as any insulated conductor will do (e.g. doorbell wire). I like my Cardas Golden Reference phono IC, but that is a specific configuration, custom length DN to RCA cable required for my installation. Set me back about $475 if I recall correctly.

You can search the forums to get lots of different opinions and I'm sure others will chime in on this thread. Just remember that more money does not automatically mean better performance. Good luck & happy listening!
Do you need a phono cable, or can you use a regular IC?
Morrow Audio can supply any type of cable and they are not very expensive and sound fantastic.

Matt M
I will have some Mogami 2549 cables for sale after this weekend. Professionally terminated with either Furutech 126(g) or KLEI Copper Harmony connectors. Contact me directly if you are interested. I use both in my system setup (Rega RP6 turntable with YBA / Audio Refinement solid state gear - see system details) and I like the KLEI between my sources and preamp and like the Furutech between my preamp and amp.
Zd542 the phono cable I have at the moment is Monster cable with ground wires at each end. Other than that it is regular single ended IC.
Matt I will check out Morrow.

Honestly I have never heard of Mogami cables. Have I been living under a rock lol?
You should be able to find good used pair of Audioquest Jaguar's. I like them for TT's because the DBS system allows the cable to break in much faster, and keep it broken for a longer time without use. That way, you're not putting unnecessary hours on your cartridge.

The SQ is also exceptional. I've put them next to cables that cost over 1k and they sound just as good.
Sam, you may not have heard of Mogami because is not a quote unquote audiophile brand, but is very well known and widely used in the Pro Sound world (recording studios, live sound reinforcement, musical instrument patch cords). Lots of other companies use the actual Mogami wire in their own cables. It is also a favorite amongst do-it-yourselfers, who use it to make their own cables.
I'd consider Transparent. They make dedicated phono versions...check out their website...offerings at quite a few price points.
Mogami is good. The best I have heard though is Stereolux Finewire c37 phono cable. It is made by a guy in Germany. This cable is widely used by some of the best tonearm makers like Thomas Schick, Durand and Reed for internal wiring. Supremely good! You can contact them at [email protected]
Sam, you should indicate what cartridge you are using. I see that the phono stage in your integrated amplifier is intended for high output cartridges, and the tonal balance in the treble region of high output cartridges (moving magnet and high output moving coil types) is sensitive to load capacitance. More often than not the capacitance of the cable will be the most significant contributor to the load capacitance seen by the cartridge. (Unfortunately the input capacitance of your particular phono stage does not appear to be specified).

Also let us know the length of the cable that you would be purchasing, as its capacitance will be directly proportional to its length.

-- Al
AL as usual very good questions. My cartridge is a high output MC Sumiko Blue Point #2 mounted on a 9" carbon fiber tonearm. Here is the specs of the phono stage:

RIAA accuracy: <0,5B 20Hz - 20kHz
Input Impedance: 50 kOhm Overload Margin: >20dB rel 5mV
Gain: 42dB (127x) Harmonic Distortion & noise: -83dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50kHz Size: 3,2 x 3,8 cm (1.26" x 1.5")

Also I am looking for 1-1.5 meter IC.

Blue Jeans cable makes a fine low capacitance cable, LC-1. The specs are outstanding and as Al noted the length is a critical factor.
Thanks Sam. The cartridge manual states as follows:
If your receiver or pre-amp has capacitance loading capabilities, a Sumiko high output moving coil cartridges should be loaded with a value no higher than 200pf, and ideally below 100pf.
Unfortunately that statement is somewhat ambiguous as to whether it is referring just to the input capacitance of the phono stage, based on some unstated assumption as to the capacitance of the phono cable, or if it is referring to the total of all of the capacitances that are involved (cable, phono stage, turntable wiring, and connectors, with the capacitance of the cable typically being the most significant factor, as I mentioned).

Cables utilizing Mogami 2549 or 2534 provide excellent shielding and noise rejection (important in a phono application), and are widely used in pro applications as Bdp24 noted. You can find 2534-based RCA cables in 3 foot and 6 foot lengths here. I would categorize their capacitance, though, as being moderate rather than particularly low.

As Tgrisham indicated, Blue Jeans LC-1 has very low capacitance, and is also well shielded.

Given the uncertainties about the specifications that are involved, my instinct would be to go with Mogami if a 3 foot length is adequate. If 5 or 6 feet is necessary, I suspect that the somewhat higher capacitance of the Mogami would produce a slightly brighter sound in the mid treble region than the Blue Jeans, while the low capacitance of the Blue Jeans would result in slightly greater extension in the uppermost treble.

Unfortunately the capacitances of many of the other cables that have been suggested don't seem to be specified, although I haven't looked at all of them. But given your preference for bang for the buck, Mogami or Blue Jeans may be more logical choices anyway.

BTW, as Effischer indicated the separate ground connection that is probably necessary between the turntable and the integrated amp can be implemented with any ordinary piece of insulated hookup wire, assuming the gauge is not so narrow that the wire becomes fragile.

-- Al
I tried Mogami 2534 as an RCA and didn't like it (bottom end sounded funny. I've heard the 2534 is great for balanced interconnects.

Here is what I have for sale if anyone is interested:

Al thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question and research the cartridge. As far as sound I don't need anything that will "brighten" or liven up the sound "too" much especially in the midrange or treble. However, more extension may help. My speakers aren't "bright" by any means but with analog a little more extension may help without excessive mid or treble energy if that makes sense?
Makes sense to me. The capacitance-related differences I referred to, though, are probably going to be fairly slight in a 5 or 6 foot length, as long as cable capacitance is in the area of the Mogami or Blue Jeans cables. And I suspect those differences may approach insignificance at 3 feet, for those cables at least.

As I said, though, the lack of a spec on phono stage input capacitance, and the ambiguity in the load capacitance recommendation for the cartridge, makes it hard to predict the degree of these effects.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
I have the PL Dialogue Premium HP. Before that, had the Prologue 2 WITH the same phono board option.

Considering your level of gear, (and its fine) I found just ordinary $25 video cables used for DVD players adequate(remember those 3 cables:red,blue,green?)The shielding required for video signals ensures quite operation. IMO, spending more for a very subtle, if any,noticeable improvement not justified.

If you decide to go up the food chain with a separate phono, THEN, drive yourself nuts like the rest of us wondering if you purchased "THE" cable.
Just my personal experience, until you start considering something over $500, the built in is fine.
Al ok agree that a short distance should be fairly slight so both would probably suffice my needs at the moment.

I know this hobby can drive us nuts and I am a firm believer that power cords and interconnects can make a substantial difference in sound. However, I'm new to the vinyl world and wasn't sure how much affect a phono cable would make? In my setup I wouldn't think too much (I'm usually wrong lol) because the rest of my cabling is pretty darn good or I feel it is. A local buddy of mine has a high dollar Audio Research system and thinks the Monster phono cable in its own right is good but being the skeptic us audiophiles are I am searching for something that is a cut above.
Tablejockey I may decide to go the separate phono route once I get used to the Pro-Ject RM5SE. Thanks for your insight :) The Jolida JD-9 MKII is on my shortlist.
Sam, proceed with caution. Particularly if you're expecting a WOW moment. Also consider a used phono amp that retailed for 1 k+.
Get it for $5-600. More food for thought-tubed to compliment the already. Fine amp and next level up cart ie LOMC.
Check out the Quicksilver Audio silver interconnects (150.00) . I used them years ago and they were damn good!
Best phono cable for the money is the Jelco JAC-501
I will put the mogami 2549 with KLEI copper harmony up against the Jelco JAC-501 for the same price any day.
I've been very satisfied with Herron Audio interconnects. Uncolored, inexpensive and don't seem to have interaction issues regardless of the impedances of the components they link together.
A maker of electronics recommending a competitors product! I applaud you Bill!!
Quick update. I purchased the Mogami from Scott (above poster) and so far so good. I haven't directly compared the Monster cable with it but in my amateur opinion the Mogami seems to sound a little better. Right now I am focused on the TT because I have a VPI Scout 1.1 coming in today :)  I may start another thread after I get it set up because I'm sure down the line I will be asking about phono stages.
Zu Audio Mission Phono mk2 with WBT RCA

sometimes ZU sells their stuff on ebay for promotional prices