Phono Input in the Musical Fidelity A5.5???

I am a newbie and I am building my system from the ground up. I am trying to use quality equipment so I will not get the upgrade bug so fast. I am seriously considering the Musical Fidelity A5.5 Integrated Amp for an upgrade in my system (I am currently using a Marantz SR-6400). It will be joining a ClearAudio Emotion TT with Kirksaeter Prisma 210 speakers. What I am wondering is how is the quality of the onboard phono stage on this amp, or is it better to go with the A3.5 and with an external phono stage (ClearAudio Nano)?
I have one thought about your question, apart from the phono stage consideration,but regarding your desire to "not get the upgrade bug so fast". If you want to go with Musical Fidelity- I have had four of their pieces in the past and think they are fine products- I would choose the A5.5 over the A3.5 for power reasons. If you eventually become interested in other speakers you may need the extra power. I suggest you settle what power requirements you are looking for in an integrated amp first. Then think through the phono stage. Just a thought.
Don't get either one, go with the M3 Nuvista. There are 3 priced from $1995 to $2395. Better built and over 300 watts at 8 ohms in tests. It has a MM phono stage. All of these have decent phono stages but not equal to their power and line stages. I use a Dynavector 75 and Blue Circle 707 with my M3. The Dynavector is exceptional at it's price and if you can find one used it would be good with any of the amps.
I have to agree with Stanwal. Don,t buy either . I own a Tri Vista 300(0ver 350 watts @ 8 ohm) and am quite familiar with the M3 . Way better built, sounding and lots more quality power and better pre-amp section. The phono stage in either the M3 or Tri Vista gives little to a graham slee era gold. I use the Reflex which is head and shoulders above the era gold and the built in. But to compare it to the era gold shows it is not to bad for a built in phono stage till you can add something later. I think this supports Valinars opinion of settling power first. Cheers
Sorry for my ignorance, but when using an external phono stage, do you still connect through the phono inputs in the amp? How does this impact the signal since it is going through two stages?? Do you have any knowledge of the Clearaudio Nano?

I am always weary of buying used, but you do believe a used Nuvista is better than a new A5.5?

I can see all your points on the power. Although, I love the Kirksaeters I can see that they will in time be changed as I move up their line.

Thanks for the help
No, you use a line level input [tuner, aux, etc.] If you wish to use the built in phono stage with a low output moving coil you use a step up transformer or Pre Preamp to raise the level of the signal for the moving magnet input. I bought my M3 used as well as the 2 pairs of speakers I am using most and my two subs. I am a small dealer and can get items at cost but I often choose to buy used for my own use. Some are nervous with this, if you are don't do it but I have done it for years. Yes, the M3 or Tri Vista would be in another class entirely from the 5.5. One of the best ways to buy HIFI is to buy top items from a previous generation of equipment, often the new ones are only marginally better if at all and the lemmings among us will rush to purchase the latest thing , dumping their old ones at a big loss. In speakers this is almost foolproof, in turntables also. Outside of actual physical abuse good equipment has a long life and many enthusiasts will change their gear before they have even got the best sound out of it.