Phono Input


I had posted this previously and gotten a response, but now for some reason the thread has disappeared.....

I am currenlty looking at a Marantz SR7200 RCVR, but it has no phono input. What would one do for turntable hookup in this case?

You can buy external phono preamps that plug into something like a Aux input via 2 RCA's. One example is the Lehman black cude...
You'd have to buy a seperate phono preamp and plug your turntable into that (price range from $100/$200 up to thousands and thousands). The phono preamp will output a line-level signal which you can plug into any of the tape, CD, video, VCR, AUX, tuner, etc. jacks.
Go to and look at the Gram Amp 2 SE. This is a wonder product for $220.00.

I am not affiliated with this company at all. I have one and love it.
Simplest. If your old pre has phono in, use it and run from Tape out to an input on new receiver. I'm doing it with my old Mac c30 to a soundstage. I'm told good older pre's have fine phono stages since there was no CD.