Phono Hum w/ Pro-Ject Debut III

I am experiencing phono hum with my Debut III. Phono leads are going into my phono inputs in my Sunfire Theater Grand II. I think I am getting AC feedback from cable routing in the back of the system. The ground wire is connected from the TT to the Sunfire. I started moving the phono leads away from the AC lines and the hum has lessened but it is still there. Is there a good way (material) to shield the phono leads without changing out the leads themselves?
What cart are you using?
As far as the cartridge, it is a brand new Ortofon 2M Blue. The hum was present with the old Ortofon OM-5E as well.
What interconnects? Did you try some shielded ones?
The interconnects are the stock ones that are pre-mounted from the factory on the Debut III. I didn't know if there was a way I could "shield" them myself? without having to install or solder better ones in myself.
This may help and it might not but, worth a shot. I have heard that many cable companies use a PTFE shielding in the cable itself. This can be also found as teflon tape or plumbers thread tape. It is white PTFE tape. I used this to shield a cable I was having hum problems with and it helped it significantly. Give it a shot. Teflon tape can be found at any hardware store for cheap.

I just borrowed a Cambridge Audio P640 phono pre amp and I still had hum. I was hoping to rule out that my Sunfire phono pre was the issue. I do notice that when I firmly grasp my phono leads out of the TT, I get an even louder hum. Maybe just crappy leads from the TT?
What you are describing sounds like a ground fault in either the tonearm or the table. Start the process of elimination. Disconnect the cartridge and see if the hum is still there. If so, touch the table spindle and then the tonearm to see if things change.