Phono hum

Help! I have a VPI Scout with Dynavector 10x5, Bellari VP129 phono preamp, Anthem TLP1 preamp/tuner and Anthem MCA2 power amp. I have a hum problem I can't get rid of that I didn't have with my Music Hall MMF-5Se turntable. I tried the VPI interconnects (with the integrated ground wire running from the turntable ground to the VP129 ground terminal) and that lessened the hum but it's still there. I also have a loud pop when powering off the Scout motor. The TLP1 has no phono section so I am using the sat/aux input for the turntable. I've run a ground wire from the center screw on the AC outlet to the chassis ground screw on the preamp and that made little if any difference. Any suggestions?
I have VPI table. I used to have the hum then i disconnected the ground and use a regular transparent cable to pre-phono. No more hum.
I have a VPI Scoutmaster with the same cartridge, same problem. The only fix I could find was using a PS Audio GCPH phono preamp. Completely eliminated the hum. Switching power cords, cables, grounds, using RFI/EMF shielding did next to nothing to help. I tried several other similarly balanced phono preamps by Sonic Frontiers, BAT and ARC; none fixed the hum. Horray for the little preamp that could: PS Audio GCPH.
Did you disconnect the ground wire that's built into the VPI interconnect cable, the ground wire that goes from the turntables ground terminal to the phono preamp ground terminal? Or did you disconnect the ground wire that comes from the underside of the tone arm to the ground terminal, the one that was pre installed on the turntable?
I have a friend who had a very similar setup who had the same problem. He eliminated it by getting rid of the Bellari.

I am using a regular single ended cable. I am not grounding from phono pre to table.
I also got rid of hum by not using the grounding portion of my phono cables from table to phono pre.
If you do not ground your phono cable, don't you also run the higher risk of a static charge damaging your cartridge? I seem to recall some manufacturers telling me this some time back.
Use a Talisman, Milty Zerostat, etc. You can't listen to the thing humming along!! I/m using Anti-Cables from the Superscout to my Ayre. Not only is there no hum, but it is dead silent. If you turn up the volume and put your ear to the speaker you hear nuttin..
Stringreen, Are you saying that if I just zap it with my Zerostat that will remove the hum???
No Kmulkey, let me clsrify what I meant...these devices get rid of static electricity if your concern is damaging something from the zap therefrom. You have to eliminate the hum via a different means - you cant enjoy your music with the hum unless you're listening to Budist monk music
You need to establish a ground from the TT to the preamp! That is where the cables are grounded to from the TT in the first place. Try connecting a lead from the TT ground to the preamp chassis. If it has a screw somewhere on the chassis un screw it enough to connect the lead from the TT ground terminal. Forget about the Belarri ground. It may lessen it but the ground is indirect. I have a similar problem whenever I add a separate phono stage into my mix. Connecting the phono ground to the aux. phono preamp's ground only partially removes the prob. but connecting the the pramp ground or chassis does the trick. Also, try using a cheater plug on each AC cord, one at a time, after you do the ground wire if it still doesn't go away.
I grounded everything including from the TT to the preamp help. I bought a Cambridge 640p and magically the hum and loud pop have disappeared. I think the VPI's motor is a little too "magnetic" for the Bellari.
Hum prblems can be very frustrating, and there are no hard and fast rules because everything depends upon everything else, from the components in your system to the wiring in your house. That being said, you should try connecting the ground wire from the tonearm to the PREAMP, instead of the phono section. This will usually lead to a much quieter background. The phono section will be grounded to the preamp through the line level interconnects.

Good luck!
Ahhhhhh! I thought the Bellari was the problem.

Enjoy the tunes,