Phono hook-up for Atma-Sphere MP-1?

The line-stage MP-1 only has balanced inputs for phono and Auxilliary, but RCAs for tape inputs.
(1)Do all owners of MP-1s thus use balanced out phono stages only? (Rare and expensive)
(2) Can single ended phono outs be plugged into the tape monitors?
(3) If not, do users use RCA to XLR adaptors? Do they significantly degrade sonics?
The reason I dont want to get Ralph to add a phono stage to the MP-1 is for portability of the analog rig to use with single ended preamps at times.
Thanks for your input.

If I'm reading this right #2 would be "NO" since you would be inputing into a line stage. I can't answer the other questions since I'm not familiar with this preamp and have never had to use an adaptor, but I would think you have two choices for inputing a phono stage. Either use an adaptor or buy a RCA to XLR cable.

I meant phono stage outs - that is, from a separate phono pre amp into the MP-1.
Somebody else has answered that the tape monitor is not a good input for a phono to linestage input for technical reasons, interfering with sonics, but I'm sure Ralph will set us straight if that is not so.
Bottom line seems to be that ideally, one should have a balanced phono stage to best utilise the MP-1.
Denis, I'm not an expert on this and Ralph is certainly the best person to advise, but here are some thoughts. I don't see any reason why the phono output could not go into the tape monitor loop other than the possibility of the tape monitor loop not providing an adequate buffer to the load of the phono stage. If this is a problem, you'll hear it in the frequency response curve and the dynamics. (Ralph can advise best here.) Trust your ears on this: if you don't hear a problem, there is no problem. If you don't hear the frequency extension you're used to hearing with CD, then consider this a potential culprit.

As to the RCA-to-XLR adaptors, the major issue is the addition of another set of connectors/contacts, plus the quality of the adaptors themselves. I've heard that the BAT adaptors are of good quality, but I don't have any firsthand experience. The Walker Audio Extreme SST contact enhancer will help ameliorate the issue of the additional set of contacts, but obviously can't eliminate it.
I guess I took the purist's (well, almost - purist would have been have Ralph put in a phono stage, but then I couldnt use the TT with my other single ended set-ups, which I wish to do) way out by getting an EAR 824, which has balanced and SE outputs. And, by the way, spectacular reviews. It also has adjustable impedance loads. But I have to get an extra pair of XLR i/cs - does one shop "differently" for phono out i/cs vs DAC out cables? Certainly cant afford another pair of Indra or Dominus, that's for sure!
Thanks for the help.
Denis, some would say that the low voltages that the phono cable (tonearm to phono stage) has to deliver requires a different type of cable, particularly as regards shielding. I've never given that much credence, but have not experienced difficulty in my system that others may have had to deal with. As to the cable from the phono stage outputs to line level input on the linestage, at this point you are dealing with line level voltage just as with the output from a DAC, so there are no additional low voltage signal issues. I use Omega Mikro Ebony cables (available as single-ended only) for my phono cable and those cables have about the least amount of shielding of any cable one might consider. So, my thought always is to buy the most neutral and transparent interconnect one can manage irrespective of phono or high level source application. I've heard good things about the EAR phono stage - Enjoy!

Your going to enjoy this about as much as I'm going to enjoy reading your future posts about it. Another analog monster is about to be born. Have fun!

Cant wait to hear what changes 14 years have wrought - when I last listened - 1991 - My Kinergetics KD 40 CDP sounded as good as my Sony x800 with Denon 103D - but I'm hoping the updated SOTA, OL, Shelter and EAR are an improvement........everybody says its "different", most say its "better", so I am waiting like an expectant father to hear for myself. Thanks for all your encouragement and advice.