Phono for Ortofon A95

Recently got an ortofon A95 for my new TW Acustic Black Night/Kuzma 4Points LP set-up, the whole shebang sitting on a Minus K platform. Needless to say the sound is a big step forward from the old Transfiguration Pheonix/Schick's 12"/Technics SP10 MK2, but I'm just wondering if my old but faithful Pass Labs Xono is doing full justice for the new set-up. Any suggestion?? Something preferably with more than 1 input because the Pheonix/Schick will also be mounted on the Black Night.
What's the rest of your set up and sonic preferences?

I have an ARC Ref 2 Se phono with two inputs and outputs and very flexible loading options and love it. I have a TW AC, TW 10.5 tonearm and Dyna XV-1t cart.

That said, the Pass Xono is a very nice phono stage.

Congrats on your amazing analog front end - I'm envious!
If you prefer solid state, the newer Nelson Pass designs are said to be superior to the Xono. I think there are two, XP15 and XP25, but I have not researched the model names.

For tubed units, and given the large investment you've already made, the sky's the limit. Think of Allnic, EMIA, Dolshi, and my personal favorite, the Atma-sphere MP1. The Atma is not often listed among top phono stages, I think because it is a full function preamplifier. But it's superb. There are other choices as well in this kilobuck category, of course.
Speak to James at Whest audio. He used the A95 in the replay chain whilst designing his phono stages so great synergy here.
Rest of my system comprise of ARC Ref 3 with Plinius SA-Ref driving a pair of Maggie 3.6 panel speakers, plus a Emm Labs player for CD/SACD. The ARC Ref 2 Phono SE is definitely under consideration given its flexibility & user-friendliness. Also interested in Allnic H-3000V, but unfortunately there is no dealer near where I live so demonstration is impossible, same goes for Whest Audio.
Any comment on the Brinkmann Edison or Burmester 100?