Phono for Ortofon A95

Recently got an ortofon A95 for my new TW Acustic Black Night/Kuzma 4Points LP set-up, the whole shebang sitting on a Minus K platform. Needless to say the sound is a big step forward from the old Transfiguration Pheonix/Schick's 12"/Technics SP10 MK2, but I'm just wondering if my old but faithful Pass Labs Xono is doing full justice for the new set-up. Any suggestion?? Something preferably with more than 1 input because the Pheonix/Schick will also be mounted on the Black Night.

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Rest of my system comprise of ARC Ref 3 with Plinius SA-Ref driving a pair of Maggie 3.6 panel speakers, plus a Emm Labs player for CD/SACD. The ARC Ref 2 Phono SE is definitely under consideration given its flexibility & user-friendliness. Also interested in Allnic H-3000V, but unfortunately there is no dealer near where I live so demonstration is impossible, same goes for Whest Audio.
Any comment on the Brinkmann Edison or Burmester 100?