Phono for Ortofon A95

Recently got an ortofon A95 for my new TW Acustic Black Night/Kuzma 4Points LP set-up, the whole shebang sitting on a Minus K platform. Needless to say the sound is a big step forward from the old Transfiguration Pheonix/Schick's 12"/Technics SP10 MK2, but I'm just wondering if my old but faithful Pass Labs Xono is doing full justice for the new set-up. Any suggestion?? Something preferably with more than 1 input because the Pheonix/Schick will also be mounted on the Black Night.

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Burmester 100 is one of the most versitale phono pre amp. Also it is better then ar ref2 se, asr basis exclusive. It is a very good phono pre amp. It has a volume control, so you may connect your power amp directly, and who knows maybe it plays better then your ref3. Incredible 3d images, very very open highs, very tight bass, slam, air, stage. I think it is one of t he last stop before superior phono stages like ypsilon vps100, boulder2008, vitus.

Brinkmann edison is a very interesting machine. I am very sad that i had not find a chance to demo. I had only listened in a full brinkmann, aq cables system in munich moc 2014. I listened for an hour maybe more, but system was very unfamiliar for me, i cant make any comment.