Phono for dummies

I currently have BAT-D5 Cd player -> Emotive Sira LE (linestage only) -> Audio Art Jota -> SAP J2001 MK-II speakers.
I owned a collection of more than 2000 CDs and recently thinking about phono.
Any suggestion, help to set up phono system would trutly appreciate.

Begin with something inexpensive and see if it pleases you. You have a nice collection of music with 2000 CD's, is your interest in a turntable to explore new music or just see how it performs in your system?
Honestly, I heard so much about phono and want to test out the sound of real analog. Most of my Cd's are classical music, from piano, violin, solo to concerto, to huge orchestra from Mahler, Shostakovich, Beethoven..etc...
The more I've listened, more analog sound I prefer. That's why I want to try out with phono. I'm not familiar with all the equipment setup...etc.. turn table, cadriged... etc... all I really do care about is the "sound".
Bottom line, equipment are equipment, music "sing".
I agree with Albert, test the waters with something that will not cause a large $$$ loss. I am doing that now with an under $400 (used) table.

My biggest shock so far, how short an album is before you must flip! After over two weeks with vinyl I am getting used to this fact and is no longer a problem.

You may want to have a dealer help you setup your first table or buy used from someone that lives near you.

If your a classical enthusiast, its where vinyl really counts. Until I got to a really good CD player(modded Shanling CDT-100), I found classical CD's harsh and grating, I hardly ever played them, though rock sounded quite good.
I agree, go for a cheap and cheerful starter deck, perhaps with inbuilt phono stage and fitted cartridge, just plug and play. Rega and Project offer this I believe. I think you'll find even this humble combo will embarass a good CD player on classical reproduction. Bood luck
Thanks for all the inputs. I planing to purchase a Sota Sapphire III with Audioquest arm, Grado Reference. Can someone help me to pick a phono preamp that will match good with my Emotive Sira LE line stage?

Thank you!
i would reccomend the vpi scout setup with the jmw9 arm(both can be had for $1275 new), Dynavector P-75 phono stage($5-600), and the dynavector 10x5 cart ($300) email me if you would like to know where to find these prices.