Phono EQ (small, inexpensive) ??? Two Phono Inputs???

Two TT For my office system (details below) (is that TTT?)

I need a dedicated phono preamp, small is best, inexpensive is nice. Nothing but RIAA phono eq is needed.


a. One phono Input/Two TT: I have an old very compact Sony video selector I can use (4 inputs, 1 out), then go to a single input phono preamp

b. Phono Preamp with 2 phono inputs, switchable or dedicated.



Amp: Carver Cube m400t, 200 wpc, one input, zero controls, not even power switch

Remote Line Controller. Chase RLC-1, remote power, 4 line inputs, remote vol, mute, bal, tone

Reel to Reel: Teac X2000r

TT Vertical, Mitsubishi LT-5V

TT, Programmable, Technics SL-J33 Quartz Direct Drive

phono preamp ______???

thanks, Elliott

OK, best I can figure out so far:

Two TT, single phono preamp (avoid separate A/B switch)

MM AND/OR MC seems to be the solution.

single switched input or two separate inputs individually selected

rear or front switching

most phono preamps that include both MM and/or MC have a single input, and a switch to send that input to it's internal mm or mc. Single TT only,

some phono preamps have two separate inputs, MM and MC, allowing attachment of TWO TT, you select which input/which TT to use via switch

Location of switch is most often in the back, a few have front switch to choose which input to use.


These three have front switch to make it easy to change and remember where it was left.

Cambridge Audio, $300.

Music Fidelity, $240. black or silver

phonopreamps, $75. black or silver


Soooo, I can use P mount MM on the Technics Programmable Compact, SL-J33, seller took my $90. offer for this 'fixable' one 

and use 1/2" MC on the Mitsubishi Vertical LT-5V. Swapped with Bill, got one working wonderfully, mice had their way with the other's wires. I was blasting it in the main system yesterday, it is amazing technology and sounds as good as your cartridge. I will need to move it to compare it's linear tracking to my 12'5" long pivoted arm. (very similar cartridges, Shure SAS/AT ML 

reminder, 2nd office system, often just proving cleaned LP's for sale have no problem. It will be accessible while starting LP, but it will be blocked by my monitor, so looks are not important in this situation. 

reasons not to go for $75. unit?????

I ordered the Cambridge, I like the headphone listening without system on feature
ok, the office system ended with just 1 TT, Mitsubishi Vertical LT-5V, MM cartridge, so I do not need dual phono inputs or MC stage.

And, after research, and my MM sounding so good on the office TT, I again resolved to stay away from MC.

I received the very small $14. Pyle MM phono unit I ordered just to hear it.

and call me deaf if you want, it's MM sounded equally involving (invisible) as the $300. Cambridge Duo, so the Duo is in the box to go back.

However, I just called Bill, he will bring up two MC cartridges, a SUT, and I still have the Duo, we could try it's MC stage before I send it back (or change my mind). Via my Acos Lustre GT801 arm with removable headshell in the main system. I could easily use it for either Mono or MC Stereo. If I turn out liking MC, it should be in the main system, not my office.

I love the Pyle's small size, no power switch, and linear cable arrangement thru the ends, not the back. It easily tucks out of sight behind something.

Inexpensive Phono EQ. Main system: now I prefer the phono stage of my Mcintosh Tube Tuner/Preamp, mx100z, but previously, when I had McIntosh SS C28 Preamp, I actually preferred the dinky built-in phono in the Audio Technica TT I was using. I had the C28 fully serviced by McIntosh, it had no defect, just didn't find it preferrable. Based on that, I had some hope for the Pyle unit, and am quite happy it sounds so invisible.
Speaking of Versatility"

I decided, ordered Fidelity Research FRT-4,
 3 rear inputs, front selected individually

It has bypass for MM

it has 4input/gain choices, 3; 10; 30; 100 ohm inputs