Phono/computer audio hassle. Solutions?

I run my Berkeley DAC straight into my BAT amp to play my digital files because it sounds much better than going through my BAT preamp. The problem is, every time I want to play my phono, I have to unplug the DAC and re-hook up the preamp. Big Hassle to play the vinyl.

Anyway on earth to circumvent this problem and not compromise the sound?
Which model preamp?
Research passive preamps. Years ago I owned a Modsquad Linedrive. It is a passive control device with volume control and multiple input/device selection.
This thread may be helpful.

-- Al
The best solution is a Passive Transformer Linestage. Music First if the best. Very transparent. They are available in copper wired or silver wired. Silver is spendy though. I have a silver one. Here are other options:

Forget about resistor passive linestages. They typically reduce current to the amps until they are not dynamic anymore.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio