Phono Cartridges and Replacement Styli

Any suggestions as to who has the best selection AND pricing for the above mentioned items ? I would like to replace the stylus on several phono cartridges that i have and also take a look at what is currently available. Since i have several that i'd like to take care of while they are still available, price does come into play as they can add up pretty fast. Any help GREATLY appreciated. Sean >
FYI to all. Garage A Records can usually get you any stylus you need. They have replacement parts and belts for current and older turntables. Record cleaning machines and fluids, you name it.
How about
2 of my 3 sources have already been listed. The third choice is Lyle Cartridges (, which has been in business for many years. Of the 3, I have found that Garage-a-Records usually has the best prices.
I have also purchasd from Lyle in the past.
Thanks for the responses. I just bought two more used cartridges and will need styli' for both of them. Hopefully, somebody will have all of them that i need in stock !!! Sean >