phono Cartridge warranties

I purchased a Shelter 501 mkII about a year ago. One channel stopped playing and then both failed. It was sent back and I was told that it must have been dropped even though the cantilever was not broken. For some reason they voided the warranty. Do I have other recourse.
More information please. Was it sent to the importer Axiss, or the retailer that sold it to you, or the manufacturer in Japan?
Has anyone actually ever gotten warranty on a phono cartridge?
At the price of some of these cartridges , as much as 15K or more, there
should be a no questions asked 1yr warrenty at the least. IMO
I sent it back to the retailer who sent it to Axiss presumably. I also thought that the super inflated prices of cartidges would make for an easy swap for the manufacturer. I feel robbed since the cartidge was cared for properly since I bought it.
Time to call Axiss directly and complain to management. Make it crystal clear that you expect a quick resolution to the problem. Follow up with e-mails and copy your dealer, and the Better Business Bureau.
I tried the email route but received no replies. I will make a call and see if I can beg something out of them.