Phono Cartridge Update Help

I really could use some help figuring out which current cartridge(s) I should be considering. I have an old Stanton 680EL, and I'm down to the last original Stanton stylus, and really need to find something more recent to replace it with. LPGear makes a stylus, but it doesn't compare to the original Stanton stylus I still have.

Basically what I'm doing is digitizing my vinyl collection to archive it. I have a SLMK1200 turntable, and I'm using an M-Audio Delta 66 sound card on the computer end. I trusted Stanton and got a Trackmaster.V3 to place the 680EL, and it was unacceptable, and I've read some posts indicating that Stanton products aren't top notch anymore. I also tried a Numark cartridge that was similar to the Stantons, and found that it had the same flaws (the midrange was distorted and muddy). So for the last week, I've been doing research and been considering either Audio-Technica 440MLa or a Shure M97xE. Both have gotten good reviews, and are in my price range ($150-ish), but the replacement stylus for the 440MLa cost about the same as the cartridge ($120 is the lowest price I've seen) and the Shure abruptly disappeared from Amazon, and I suspect that it's been discontinued, and I'd really prefer getting something that may be around for at least a little while.

So in summary, I'm looking for a cartridge with characteristics similar to the old Stanton 680EL cartridge for under $200 with replacement stylus that don't cost an arm and a leg. Any suggestions? Appreciate any input on this.
Get the Audio-Technica 440MLa, it will be better than your old Stanton 680EL