Phono Cartridge Recommendations...

I have a Wilson Benesch Act 0.5 arm mounted on a Michell Orbe SE. My arm cable is a Cardas Neutral Reference and my phono pre an AHT P/DM (dual-mono). I am getting Gert Pedersen's mod for the armboard and have Benz Ruby 2 and ClearAudio Gamma MC cartridges. Does this sound like a good match for either cartridge, or should I be looking for something different. I don't want to spend more than $800 to $1000 for a used cartridge at present. Suggestions?
i also have the orbe,with the act-2 tonearm,and although ive tried several cartridges,i keep comming back to my koetsu rosewood,if you need something more forcefull in your system ,the sumiko SHO also works well & has a higher output
Hi Harry, Thank you for the recommendations, they sound like very good choices and I will consider them -- especially the SHO, which I may be able to get for a reasonable price.
Wb uses the Benz as a basis for their cartridges I believe so you could do worse. I would try this before I bought another used cartridge. Never a good idea unless you are looking at a Koetsu,Decca Jubilee or the like at a deep discount...
I understand that as good as the SHO is it is very relentless (tiresome) this came from an audio guy who can afford anything and spent many months coming to that conclusion and then dumped it.
Guys, thanks for the suggestions... Whichever cartridge I eventually end up with, it seems that the smartest thing to do is to try my Benz first. I didn't realize that Wilson Benesch used Benz as a reference but if so, it would stand to reason that the Benz is a very good match. Thanks to all who replied!