Phono Cartridge recommendation

Looking for recommendations for a medium to high output (2.0 mv or higher) phono cartridge under $350 list. I have an Oracle Mk. I w/upgraded springs, power supply & mat with a Fidelity Research FR-64fx tonearm, feeding into a Sonic Frontiers Pre-1 w/NOS tubes. Any comments on using a Dynavector 10x4, Benz Micro MC Silver, Grado Platinum Reference (would hum be a problem here?), Grado Gold Prestige, Audio Technica 440ML, or Sumiko Blue Point Special?
I have the Blue Point Special and really like it . I also tried a Grado Sonata but it was too warm sounding for my taste. I use a Sumiko Celebration in my main system and also a Benz Micro 0.4 . I love my vinyl. There are a lot of good cartridges out there so have fun!
I've recommended the Dynavector to several folks and they've all enjoyed it. If you have a cartridge to trade, the high output dynavector 20 is a meaningful step up around $420 list w/trade. Hang onto the FR tonearm, it's a classic.
Dynavector 10X4 is the ideal cartridge in your case. it has 2.5mV output and more musical than Sumiko BPS.
You can also consider deals on Sumiko BPS. I've used it but found it someway too agressive and edgy(maybe I didn't break it in and sold it after 30hrs of use).
dynavector 10x4
Don't overlook the Goldring cartridges. In the right tonearm, the G1042 at a street price of about $180-$200 is a stellar performer, and I have have had all the cartidges mentioned above.
I have listened to several of your choices within the last year and the dynavector 10x4 is clearly the most musical. Very forgiving of surface noise as well.

FYI, I had an AT 440 ML for the longest time and recommend it as well. Not in the same class at the 10x4, but it's less than 1/3 of the price... Fantastic starter cartridge.
I agree that the Dynavectors are true audio bargains. But, if you want to throw another name into the mix, consider the Rega Super Bias or Elys. They are extremely musical, with lots of detail & great bass control. They won't knock your socks off in a demo, but will keep you listening to your LPs for a long, satisfying time. Also, Frank Van Alstine's modified Grado "Longhorn" cartridge - while butt-ugly to be sure - is an absolute steal at $129.00. The perfect starter cartridge, in my opinion. And you just might find yourself keeping it for a long, long, time. :-)
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