Phono Cartridge for Sony PS-8750

I'm in the market for a phono cartridge for a Sony PS-8750 turntable. Preamp is a Threshold NS-10 and I have the matching Threshold M1 Active Impedance Matching Module for moving coil if needed.
Looking for something under $800. I also have a Yamaha PX-3 (purchased new)in the system with an Audio Technica AT160ML on it.
Musical tastes primarily include smooth jazz and classical.
Any opinions appreciated. What about the Denon DL-S1? Happy Holidays!
Denon DL-110 sounds great on that table with that music.
No need to spnd more,unless you just want to lose excess cash.
Dear Rapid: The Denon DLS-1 is very good performer and you can find it inside your budget. This cartridge has very very low output so you need a really high gain active ( I prefer over passive SUTs. ) phono stage.

You said that your NS10 has: Active Impedance Matching Module for moving coil , can this means that other than impedance matching has the gain for very low output MC cartridges?, if yes then that Denon is very good option.

The other alternative is to have a second ( different ) MM/MI cartridge in your Sony.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I realize this is an old thread and it hasn't been updated in a while. I'm trying to help out a friend who just inherited this table. What is a good cart for this Sony preferably at a modest price (few hundred dollars?) 

Thanks and advise when you can.

A Nagoka at that price is very good , I think LP Gear is selling
them but they have no US distributor at present . Nagoka MP-110 is very good on Classical and at 120$ is a real bargain . Next step up is Goldring 2100 at 230$ which will unravel a symphony bit better than the Nagoka MP-110 but sounds similar, not surprising since Nagoka makes them .Both have a full robust sound pretty much across their range.
If they have a speaker that could use a bit of mid-range emphasis a Grado Red or Blue is good as well.

IMO , the various cheaper AT and Ortofons are a bit bright for classical .
Thanks Schubert for your response. I relayed your points to my friend. It gave him some very good choices. I also agree with your findings about the Ortofon Cart. I had an Ortofon OM10 on an old Phillips 312TT and I swear the music was just too bright. I ended up putting a Grado blue on it.
My pleasure, jed .