phono cartridge for new,old system

rega p2 with mission 774 tonearm, creek 4140s2 amp. with mm/mc internal switching. this set up is for the shop, where i listen to a record collection from the 50's 60's and 70's. something musical and not too expensive. thanks for your help paul
Good tracker on old records: Shure M97xE, $90
Benze 20E II or Grado red.
I agree with the Shure M97xE. has it for $84.99 with free shipping.

My second choice would be a Ortofon OM-10 Super for $69.00 at placed like Garage-a-records. Its advantage is you can upgrade the stylus to the 20 or 30 series. The cartridge head is the same.

As a matter of fact the 30 stylus can be purchaesd for $169.
The OM-30 Super cartridge new is $249.00
So you can buy the OM-10 Super cartridge and a 30 stylus for $238.00
What you end up with is saving $11.00 over buying the 30 Cartridge and you get a free model 10 stylus for playing old not so great LP's.
i did not mention that the rega p2 came with two old cartridges denon 103 and shure V15III i will get the needles checked and give them a spin i have taken your advice sugarbrie and purchased an ortofon om-30 super i will get a om-10 stylus for the rough records thanks to you all i investegated each recommendation and found it fascinating. one review said that grado red might hum when used on a rega.
regards luap