Phono Cartridge for Luxman PD-171 Turntable

Would you please share any recommendations you have for a phono cartridge for the Luxman PD-171 Turntable. I believe it uses a Jelco tonearm (a variant of the SA-250 with an S-shaped arm, a removable magnesium headshell and a mounting collet that allows height adjustment over a range of 22mm). Thank you for your time and assistance.
I have seen a dealer running the EMT tsd-15 on the PD-171. Analog Planet just mentioned that the Luxman table is also available with a newly designed Frank Schroeder arm.
I’m using two Luxman PD-444 turntables with 4 tonearms, i think you need a mid compliance MM for your Jelco, but even higher compliance should not be a problem. Some modern cartridges just not good, other are great. Purchased over 50 different cartridges i could recall a few models that you simply can’t go wrong with (they are all from the golden era and better than many new models i owned): Pickering XSV/4000 (Strereohedron stylus tip), Stanton SC-100 WOS (Stereohedron stylus and Sapphire coated cantilever), SONY XL-50 (Super Elliptical tip, Boron Pipe Cantilever), Victor X-1IIe (Elliptical tip, Titanium Pipe cantilever), Grace F9 (with Luminal Trace or LineContact stylus) ... all those great cartridges can be found in perfect shape for $400-800 (depends how lucky you’re).
I own a PD-171 and use a Dynavector 20xl2. Quiet, no surface noise, dynamic w/plenty of detail. I have it hooked up to the Luxman CL38U SE tube preamp. I'm using the phono from the CL38.