Phono Cartridge advice

Needing some expertise I am currently looking at 2 different phono cartridges for my system. I narrowed it down to the

Dynavector 20X2 Phono Cartridge and the Ortofon 2M Black Verso. For best price for performance and quality.

My system is Totem Acoustic Forest speakers and a Cary Audio cad 120s triode tube power amp, Cary audio SLP-98P tube preamp with built in moving magnet tube phono stage, and Kimber silver streak interconnects. Sytemdek turntable with an Oracletone arm.

One thing about the dynavector I can run the low output version through a step up transformer but would prefer the high output version for cost savings.

My biggest question is moving magnate or moving coil better for a triode tube system? Let me know your thoughts and experiences thanx and happy holidays!
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I don't think the mode e.g. triode vs pentode etc. really alters your decision to use am MC or an MM cartridge. The preamp as you noted does matter.
What it really boils down to is, which sound, between these two, you will prefer. I own a Dynevector 20X H.O. and think it is fantastic but the analog gurus are not enthusiastic about high output MC carts. I also have several MM carts on different tables, but not your Ortofon choice. I can tell you the ability to really dig out the details and the huge dynamics that the Dynevector has aren't matched by the MMs (Goldring) Grado ?-Moving Iron).
My advice is to go with the Dynevector even the HO version, that's my choice. Your choice should be made by audition in the best case scenario.
Either cartridge would seem to be a good choice; having said that I have no experience with the Dynavector but I do own the Ortofon Black and, after a listening session last night with audiobuds, and with that cartridge finally fully broken in, there was nothing we found wanting for detail-wise or in any other sonic features. You wouldn't go wrong wih this cart and it is scarily close to my Lyra Delos.
The 20X2 will be a more revealing and neutral cartridge in your rig. The high output version will save you a few hundred bucks, as you noted. If you really want to extract the best from your vinyl, spend the extra bucks to properly rig a low output version; you won't be disappointed. Have fun and happy listening!
I have agrado reference after years of lomc. Dynamics are wonderful! and once u get over aria of the low op cash might find like me I am not missing anything.
With your current set up go with the Ortofon 2M Black. Remember cartridges have the shortest life span of any audio component.
thanks for your input you guys. One other question that a dealer mentioned was if you have a moving coil with a step up transformer into a moving magnet phono stage it might to many coils and sound a bit granny and you will lose detail?
Actually one gets better sound from a higher output cartridge...all things considered... Unless you have a state of the art pre-pre, you're better off without one.
I've been there and done it with both cartridges. They have very different presentations. The DV is more laid back. The 2M Black is brighter and analytical. That's not to pass a subjective opinion. Just noting my impressions of the differences.

There are some important technical points to take into account. First ... compliance. The DV is a medium/low compliance cartridge. Its compliance factor is 12. By contrast, the 2M is a high compliance cartridges. Its compliance rating is 22. I am not familiar with your tone arm or its effective mass. But you should check for compatibility. I think there's a calculator on the Vinyl Engine web site. And yes ... I had problems with bass ringing when I used the 2M. Just me.

Two ... cartridge output. As mentioned above, the 2M is hot ... rated output is 5 mV. By contrast, the DV comes in HO and LO versions: 2.8 mV and .3 mV, respectively. Personally, I'm not a big fan of inserting SUTs into the signal path because it's just another artifact. Others have different views. Just sayin'

Also, this may sound a little weird, but it may be possible that the 2M was a little too hot for my system as previously configured. ARC thought that the 2M's 5 mV output, as amplified by my phono pre (58 db), may have clipped my Ref 3 linestage. Again, just sayin'

Three ... stylus lifespan. I agree with Dayglow's point. The 2M has a replaceable stylus; the DV does not. I think most vinyl gurus would agree that on average, most styli have a useful life of 2000 hours, plus or minus. If you divide the cost of a retip/exchange/replacement by 2000, that will give you a sense of how much it is costing to listen to vinyl on an hourly basis.

I suggest ... just a suggestion, that you consider the Soundsmith VPI Zephyr (low compliance), if compatible with your TT. Peter Ledermann's retip charge is extremely reasonable (about $200). And ... the Zephyr is a very refined cartridge. In fact, it used to be my primary cartridge. Now it's my back-up. The Lyra Kleos is my main carty. I'm on the look-out for a Soundsmith Paua. I've read terrific comments about it, and here again, retipping will be very reasonable.

Good luck and feel free to e mail me through the A'gon system with any questions.

I gave some advise to the OP in a post that has yet to get posted that a cartridge to consider is the Soundsmith VPI Zephyr. The Zephyr is my backup cartridge. I also mentioned that my main cartridge is a Lyra Kleos.

Just happens that I pulled my Kleos tonight because I'm sending it out for an inspection, cleaning and stylus replacement if needed. So the Zephyr was remounted.

Wow ... what a difference. I realize that the Kleos retails for 3 times the price of the Zephyr, so I shouldn't be surprised. But I am. The Kleos is one heck of a cartridge. It's like listening to music with wax in your ears. ... and then the wax is cleaned out. Yes, ... it's that much of a difference.

I'm posting this comment here because strange as this may sound, when the Zephyr was my primary cartridge, I always favored it over the 2M and the DV 20X2, which is the topic of this OP. So, if the OP's price point is about $1000 or so new, I still suggest that the Zephyr is a cartridge to consider (if compatible with the OP's TT). OTOH, if the OP can pick up a preowned Lyra Delos, that is a cartridge to definitely put in the crosshairs.