Phono/cart impedance help

I was hoping folks could help regarding phono/cart impedance matching. I feel like I have read a fair amount of posts and articles about matching, but it isn’t quite clicking with me on how to set things up or if I am reading things correctly. Also, the terminology seems to be all over the place.

The cause of this is the recent purchase of a Trigon Vanguard II. I picked this up over the weekend to make the switch to a SS amp for use with my new Primaluna Prologue Classic. I figured using a cleaner SS with the tube integrated would provide for a nice experience. I was currently using a Budgie, but I think tube to tube might make for too much noise/hum.

So, this should hopefully be fairly easy, but I want to make sure I am reading things correctly as the Vanguard II has a really robust set of switches/settings.

I have two carts I would like to use. A Goldring Eroica H and an Ortofon 2M Bronze. The Goldring is a high output MC and the other is MM. And, both have an output resistance of 47 kOhm.

Here are the full specs:

Goldring Eroica H Cartridge
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 22 kHz 3 dB
  • Channel Balance: within 1 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Channel Separation: better than 25 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity : 2.5 mV 1 dB, 1 kHz @ 5 cm/sec
  • Static Compliance: 30 mm/N
  • Dynamic Compliance @ 10 Hz: 18 mm/N
  • Equivalent tip mass: 0.6 mg
  • Vertical Tracking Angle: 24°
  • Stylus Radius: Gyger II
  • Stylus Type: Non-Replaceable
  • Load Resistance: 47 kΩ
  • Load Capacitance: 100 - 500 pF
  • Internal Inductance: 0.2 mH
  • Internal Resistance: 77 Ω
  • Cartridge Mass: 5.5 g
  • Cartridge Mass (inc. fixings): 6.6 g
  • Fixing Centre: 0.5" (12.7 mm)
  • Playing Weight: 1.5 - 2.0 g (1.7 g nom.)
Ortofon 2M Bronze Cartridge
  • Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec.: 5 mV
  • Channel balance at 1 kHz: 1 dB
  • Channel separation at 1 kHz: 26 dB
  • Channel separation at 15 kHz: 15 dB
  • Frequency range at: 3dB - 20-29.000 Hz
  • Frequency response: 20-20.000 + 2 / - 0 dB
  • Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force: 80 µm
  • Compliance, dynamic, lateral: 22 µm/mN
  • Stylus type: Nude Fine Line
  • Stylus tip radius: r/R 8/40 µm
  • Tracking force range: 1,4-1,7g (14-17 mN)
  • Tracking force, recommended: 1,5 g (15 mN)
  • Tracking angle: 20°
  • Internal impedance, DC resistance: 1,2 kOhm
  • Internal inductance: 630 mH
  • Recommended load resistance: 47 kOhm
  • Recommended load capacitance: 150-300 pF
  • Cartridge colour, body/stylus: Black/Bronze
  • Cartridge weight: 7,2 g

Now, if I look at fig1 ( from the Vanguard II manual, am I correct in saying that the gain setting switches should be set for the 47.5 “reinforcement in dB” at 0 0 0 1?

If that is correct, and I look at fig2 ( and fig3 (, am I also correct in setting the feed impedance to 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0? Do I need to even pay attention to fig3?

Do I need to note anything with the fact that the Primaluna has an input Impedance of 65 kOhm? I don’t really see any output info on the Vanguard II.

Also, if I wanted to move to a Benz or another MC cartridge, how do I read this chart?
  • Is “Reinforcement in dB” the “Recommended load resistance”?
  • What is “For systems with the following output voltages”? 
  • Is it safe to assume that “Entrance capacity” is “Recommended load capacitance”?
  • Or is “Input impedance computed in ohms” the “Recommended load capacitance”? And, if that is true, what is the “Entrance capacity”?

Again, the terminology seems all over the place to me.

Sorry, these may seem like basic questions, but I have been plug and play for a very long time and am trying to make the switch.

Big thanks in advance.

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My advice would be to try the gain at 42db - 0000 in fig 1.
This should be enough gain for MM and high output MC. If you find you have to turn the volume up too much then go to 0001 (47db) in fig 1.

Once you have determined the optimum gain then -
Secondly for loading try the setting in fig 3 first 00000000. This sets the impedance to 47k but adds no capacitance. Your phono cables add capacitance of their own. Changes in capacitance affect the high frequency extension for MM cartridges, but not for MC’s. Have a listen then try S1 & S2 set at 01 10 & 11. These 3 settings add 47pf, 100pf, 147pf to the cable capacitance. If you change phono cables you should retry these capacitance settings.

For MC cartridges s1 & s2 can be left at 00.

Good luck.