Phono Card/Board For Cambridge A-500 Int Amp

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a phono card for a Cambridge Audio A-500 Integrated? I called the US distributor, Audio Plus Services and they were absolutely no help at all. If anyone has one or knows where there is one available, please let me know.
probably not made anymore like the amp. Call retailers that sell Cambridge and see if they have one laying around. Good luck. If you can't find one use an outboard phono pre. As I remember when I sold Cambridge a few years back it was only $100 or so.

Yes, try the dealers including Spearit Sound in Northampton, Mass
And Audio Advisor in Michigan

The separate Cambridge 540P MM phono stage is pretty nice for only $89.
Do you have a friend who lives in Great Britain who can buy you one?

Richer Sounds has them, but they say on the website that they are only available in the stores (ie, not online). Only 20 Pounds ($40).

FYI, Richer Sounds is like Tweeter in the USA. The owner is Julian Richer, who is also the general partner of the investor group that owns Cambridge Audio. That is why you will notice a large amount of discontinued Cambridge gear for sale brand new at Richer. He basically uses his stores and website to clear out all the old inventory no matter how long it takes...
Thanks guys. I will give these all a shot
Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. I was basically laughed at by Audio Advisor and Spearit sound. Richer sounds has them, but wrote me back and told me they can't sell outside the UK. I guess I keep looking or just go with the outboard phono stage.