Phono cables

My current phono cable is a bit damaged. So in the comming 6 months I would like to replace it. I need and RCA to RCA phono cable. Right now I have a Cardas Hexlink series golden five.

Taking budget into account I think I have narrowed it down to these 3 cables.

Nordost Blue Heaven Leif or Heimdall 2 but that one might be out of budget.
Kimber TAK-Cu
Harmonic Technology Crystal Copper

These are all more or less within budget. I am a bit weary that the Kimber might be to much like the Cardas not bad but it smothers the dynamics a tad. The Nordost might be a bit clinical. I used to have Reddawn II speaker cables and I traded them for NBS active IV since these were IMHo more natural sounding. But I heard the new Nordost are a bit less analytical. About the Harmonic Technology, I knew someone whose system was not unlike mine and he used a Harmonic Technology phono cable.

Anyone here who compared those 3 cables?
Since you have a Scout turntable, why not use VPI's own phono cables. A 1 meter pair is around 200.00. Its the same wire your tonearm is wired with.
I use the VPI Cable with my Scout. I don't know if anything has changed with more recent production, but my JMW-9 and the cable were advertised as having Discovery tonearm wire at the time.
I'm guessing, but I presume it's an RCA connector that has been damaged. Why not replace just the connector? It's not that hard, and it would save a bit of money.

Happy New Year, regards,
Another nod for the VPI cable. Recently installed one and it is very quiet and musical.