Phono cable suggestions for Benz Micro Glider M2

Hello, can I get suggestions from you for a good and reasonably priced phono cable. I’ll be using it between Benz Micro Glider M2 cartridge and Clearaudio balance phono pre, with jmw12.5 tonearm.

Here's some additional info that may help:
Glider’s specs are 0.8mV / 24 Ohms of internal resistance.
The pre has a 58dB gain and 500Ohms/270pF of impedance. Thanks in advance.
check out the Xaus from Zu cable $399 for a 4' cable, but they sometimes run a special on it on ebay.

I have not heard this cable, but I have heard quite a few of their others, all with great results for the dollar$$
Cardas Neutral Reference phono cable.