Phono cable recommendations - high performance good value cable

I know this is a loaded subject... but I did a search and there are posts from 6-7 years ago mainly on this...

So in this current time, what are good options for high transparency, ’honest’ interconnect cables for analog signal use. For context, I am using a VPI Classic 3 (with Koetsu Black or AT ART9 carts), so running RCA’s on both ends. Currently using Blue Jeans’ Belden shielded cables with teflon sleeve including ground wire...definitely a high value cable...

I tend to favor transparent, non-frequency-filter cabling - my ear prefers a slightly lively sound with big/wide soundstaging... - rest of my system uses Zu Varials and Gedes, if that gives you an idea. Have used Purist, Cardas and Nordost in the past... Purist is very smooth and slightly rolled off, Cardas very rolled off/saps energy from the music, Nordost quite transparent but flattens the soundstage some. Speaker cables are Mapleshades, very transparent...

For TT use, I sometimes run a Cinemag or other MC transformer, so that creates the need for add’l IC runs between TT and Xformer and phono preamp to line stage... so whatever small signal cabling used would have additive effects for shaping the sound.  Most critical of course is the first run off the cartridge, I realize... need shielding I think early in the chain...though I have read that some feel shielded cables rob a little transparency.

Final note, by and large I am not a fan of mega buck cabling... each time I have tried in the past, I have felt that money spent on expensive cabling does not yield a good return...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and recommendations.
Audioquest LeoPard
Silver wire (silver can carry 6% more information than copper and 16% more than gold), Teflon tubes, high quality plugs,72V isolation
I also use the ART-9 cartridge. Check out stereolux finewire c37 tonearm cable by Heiko Wingender. His tonearm cables is used by some tonearm manufacturers like Reed, Durand and Thomas Schick for the internal wiring of their tonearms. I have used it too and I find it "honest". I find it clean, transparent and It doesn't play around with the tonality of the signal.

Pure silver wire, Crystal Cable Micro 1.0 also clean, very transparent, fluid and no listening fatigue, not harsh, don´t alter sound balance + reasonable priced.

I'm running a VPI prime with the AT ART9.

Grover Huffman's take on phono cable features is superior shielding is desireable for the low current application of TT to preamp with moving coil.  Here's the blurb from his website:

Also available my state of the art Phonograph cable both in DIN and standard RCA. Utilizing a painstakingly developed active carbon, tungsten, nickel shield that minimally affects the low voltage signal of moving coil cartridges. Additionally a second shield of active woven copper mesh combine to make this cable impervious to any interference.  

All I can tell you is mine sounds fantastic and images like a champ. He has a 60 day no-risk return policy.

My first move away from "conventional cables" involved Stager Silver Sonic IC's - great bang for the buck

I then upgraded the RCA's on the Stagers to KLE Innovations Silver Harmony - excellent upgrade. more clarity, better bass control and better image

Then I tried KLE Innovations gZero3 IC's - a vast improvement.

I've gone as high as the gZero20 and each model provides discernible improvements

The entire KLE Innovations lineup are a little on the expensive side - but they work - much better than the competition. 

Regards - Steve
Had great results using balanced phono cable by Audio Sensibility. 
I'm in the same boat, looking for a great bang for the buck phono cable. The cheap one I got with my VPI Scout Prime is picking up all sorts of interference resulting in a bad hum at higher volumes. I have a $100 Pro-ject Connect-It cable on order but wondering if I can do better for a little more $$$. Suggestions welcome!  
If a cable is picking up "interference" that indicates you need a cable with better shielding.  There might be no other problem with the cable you are using besides lack of adequate shielding.  However, if you really do have "hum" at high volumes, that may be due to inadequate grounding somewhere in the system.  This has nothing to do with interference or shielding, unless the cable is running near a transformer or some such device that radiates EMI, in which case shielding would help. "Hum" has a fairly strict definition, a monotone with a frequency of around 60Hz to 120Hz.  If that's what you've got, check out your ground connections or try re-routing your cable between the tonearm and the phono input.

I'm going to try a different interconnect, but will be surprised if that solves the issue. I've tried everything I can think of with respect to grounding. I've unplugged everything but the VPI and Rega Brio amp, tried a different outlet, tried bypassing my Furman power conditioner, tried using a three to two prong adapter, checked the ground cables (the hum gets way louder when the ground is removed, and also when I touch the cable from the tonearm to the rca jacks).  The hum disappears when I touch both of the rca cable jacks from the VPI. It gets louder as volume is turned up on the amp. Also feels like I'm getting some static energy when I touch the tonearm to change a record. My dealer is going to come check it out if the new interconnect doesn't help. 

thanks to pani and others

pani - very much appreciate your AT ART 9 thread... it lead me to this wonderful wonderful cartridge

all inputs are valued... much to try next few months... reasonably priced cabling makes trial and error much more affordable!!!

i also bought some of zu’s current audioconnects - they have rarely disappointed me!
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  i also bought some of zu’s current audioconnects - they have rarely disappointed me!

I use Zu Audio Mission Phono MKII with  WBT nextgen RCAs and it's wonderful cable, i'm runnin' Lustre GST-801 toneam with Zu Mission Phono mkII cable, i'm so happy about this combination. The Lustre 801 was rewired internally with Discovery Cable. As Pani said  Finewire C37 is also a good option, i have C37 Standard (the cheapest) and top C37 Cryo with KLE on Reed. But it's more fun to swap cartridges, no cables.       
I can vouch for Audio Sensibility cables. I run a 90 degree DIN to balanced outputs. They really helped.
My table cable tale: The original DIN plug cable on my "vintage" Linn Basik/Akito table had rat bites on it when I bought it a few years ago…really…the cable still worked, but man. So in a quest for a replacement I went to my local "audio salons" including Goodwin's High End and nobody had a cable in stock, or seemed very interested in getting one for me…seriously. So to the web I went, and found a Jelco someplace with a gold plated DIN and RCAs utilizing Mogami "Neglex 2534" cable. In a weird pink color (except for the black ground wire). This cable destroyed any pesky cartridge related "dimmer hum" (I have dimmers here and there but my dead quiet system utilizes various bespoke power supplies and hum buster items to make that a non issue), and sounds much better than the stock cable ever did…highly recommended.
Wolf, I use the pink Jelco cable with my Jelco 12" arm and don't find it lacking. However those in the know tell me that Heiko C37 is a good upgrade. 

thanks all for your various input

bought some of heiko's c37 cryo finewire... they are on their way from germany ...currently enjoying the zu audio missions... rest of my system is zu varial interconnects (with mapleshade speaker wires)... so it will be stable control for seeing what difference if any the c37 makes...
Gotta second Grover's phono cable recommendation.
Currently running between my Moerch DP8 and Decware ZP3, using straight DIN to RCA. Competes with the best.

Cheers,                       Crazy Bill