Phono Cable Recommendation Please

I'm looking for a phono cable that makes me say, "Gosh Darn! I am GLAD that I spend good money on this cable over the already capable, stock SME phono cable!"

The price is important but not THAT important. I just bought a Wireworld Eclipse Silver 8 that redials for $480. Its good and nice and all, and it does offer a little more detail and extension over the stock SME cable, but the differences are quite subtle. I'd rather spend nothing at all and stick with the stock cable, or spend more (within reason) and be blown away!

Any suggestions? Please, no need to chime in and say bad things about spending money on cables and all of that. Thanks!

Associated equipment:SME 15 with 309 armLyra DelosDevialet Expert Pro 220Wilson Sophia 2Cardas Cross speaker cable

you may be interested in this 2017 comparison.  I personally like the Cardas cables for phono.
KLE Innovations cables will get your toe tapping

I’ve auditioned many of their products and they all excel.

BTW - Their looks are deceiving (i.e. for such an expensive cable), but their sound is what counts - neutral, balanced, dunamic,  a spacious image with outstanding clarity!

Good Luck - steve
OP - Perhaps you might jump up to the Gold Eclipse where you will have 4N pure silver rather than silver plated copper.  I have no personal experience with silver clad copper cables but anecdotal evidence here on Audiogon has not been very positive.  On the other hand, if anyone might do it well David Salz would be a guy to do it. 

IMO, the best way to go is to have one’s arm rewired with one uninterrupted run from cartridge tags to RCA (or XLR) plugs. That can actually be cheaper than a phono cable! Very cost effective, enabling the arm to produce the best sound it is capable of.

Johnnie at Audio Origami in the UK is renown for his arm rewiring, and offers Cardas copper and two types of silver internal wire. While he’s at it, he will check the arm’s bearings and adjust if necessary. He has a world-wide group of very satisfied clients.