Phono cable question

My system interconnects are comprised mostly of Cardas Clear Light interconnects.  However the RCA and ground cable from my VPI Scout turntable to my Parasound JC3+ phono preamp is the VPI phono cable.

I have"a pair of RCA Cardas Clear Light interconnects from my DAC I can use in lieu of the VPI phono cable.  I know I "can" use the Cardas interconnects for the turntable, but I thought that phono interconnects might have specific build characteristics than typical interconnects and thus might not be best suited.  In order for me to "just give it a try" I have to move around a lot of stuff and shuffle equipment to different shelves, so before I go about that I'd like to hear any thoughts.

I have used interconnects in the past without any problem.  I "moved up " to the VPI cable and was ... disappointed .. in its performance.  It's now in the garage system.  I would expect your Cardas IC's to outdo it in a shootout, blindfolded, using a mirror.   I say give the Cardas a try.  
You can use the Cardas but make sure and run a ground wire from the table to your pre or there will be a hum.  
I think that Nordost tonearm cables have shielding suited to the low level signal