Phono cable idea's

I am looking for rca to rca phono cables for my system. They will be running between my Audio Research Ref 3 and ASR Mini Basis Exclusive. I would like to spend somewhere between $500.00 and $750.00, new or used. Thanks---

Hovland MusicGRoove2 works for me. Try the Cable Company, they will let you try one as well as a number of others from their lending library. Within that budget was my purchase, was willing to go higher but nothing they had at at least 2x the cost or more offered much more, didn't try 3.
Do you mean phono cable between your arm and ASR? Any Interconnects will work from your ASR to your preamp (ref3). No need to get a phono cable there.
Best to try some from monoprice. Quality is great, cost low. I've compare them to cables that cost $500 a meter and they sound better, at least in my system. In any event, find a dealer that will give you loaner's. That way you can try a few differenct brands and see which works best for you. Monoprice gladly accepts returns for refund of payment with no re-stocking fees. Find others that will do the same.
Van den Hul the First Ultimate. Very close to the absolute best and still in your price range. My whole system is wired with it.
I have a wonderful cable that I putchased a while back that has been the single best addition to my system I have done in a while. I replaced 4 cables with these and I promise you they wont get disconnected again. The individual that engineered these prefers to stay anonymous for some reason. That was the only "downside" to buying. I have permission to release his contact info to only those who are really interested. It sounds kind of silly, but I am respectful of his wishes. I can say this much, the cables replaced approximately 6000 dollars worth of cables which included Nordost, Kimber and Virtual Dynamics. I sold those and made a profit when I subtracted the price of the new ones.

I suggest Mike Morrow's PH series. Remarkable for the price. Call him up, talk with him, 60 day money back if not satisfied trial period, but be absolutely sure you give them significant break in time. Otherwise, you will not find their true value.

Let me know your choice. No affiliation with Mike Morrow, just a happy customer,

:) listening

Synergistic Research Tricon Analog- search for threads here on Audiogon. It transformed my analog rig and it's in your price range. A good SR dealer should have a factory burned in cable for you to try.
A dedicated Phono cable should be made for Phono applications (resistance, shielding, quality of copper/silver and high quality plugs, quality of solder...)
Most manufacturers do only a rebrand from existing reg. cables and sell them as a Phono cable (the mono-meter for 2x the price..)
When you prefer copper, XLO Phono signature is excellent
When you prefer silver, Audioquest LeoPard is a top cable
Stanwal is a vdH dealer and that should have been disclosed.

Without that information his recommendation is unprofessional and unethical.
see earlier me if you want something special. This is a no brainer since I had a chance to audition without purchase. are unprofessional AND unethical. One is bad enough...BUT BOTH! You have now been banished to Planet AP! (I am picturing the scene where Superman's dad (Jorel?) banishes the three criminals to infinity in that prism jail).
We will forgive him when he listens to Chris de Burgh for 48h without any stop via MP3 and his cheapest speakers .... :-)
It is true that I am a VDH dealer. in this incarnation I have sold 0 cables and do not sell on the internet. I was a dealer some 15 years ago also and still have every one I bought then. I bought some used in the period when I was not a dealer and still have them so I hardly have made a fortune on them. I bought over a $1000 worth last fall for my own use so I put my money where my mouth is. But if Audiofail says I am unprofessional and unethical it must be true because he is the worlds reigning authority on these subjects.
The fact you have sold no cables is irrelevant.

The sarcasm is a lame attempt to divert the real issue which is financial interest in a product line you endorsed without disclosure. Plain and simple.
...there is no escape Stamwal, it's Chris de Burgh time for YOU!