Phono cable ic for graham 2.2

Since funds are dried up looking to get a phono cable din to rca for not so much money. Any brands out there that won't break the bank?
Eventually will go all out to get the better ones so these could be mentioned as well.
You might look at Watsach.
I tried XLO Phono Signature, Graham IC-70, Kondo KSL, Siltech and Purist Venustas and Incognito Wire.
I think, the Incognito is a very good solution for the money.
I heave use Siltech are best IMGO ;-)3!!
I use silver TAK Kimber Kable.
Dear Peter: Analysis Plus or Harmonic Technologies. These are relative " moderate price " with a performance that even cables in the 3k to 5K.

Regards and enjoy the music.