phono cable for VPI SSm

Hi all

looking for your recs and experience of a RCA IC for a VPI super scoutmaster table (to my BMC MCCI phonostage).
Is it just my feeling or most fellows with such table use silver based ICs ?
thanks in advance to all repliers.
I use the Audio Sensibility Statement Silver Phono Cable. It uses Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) silver with a purity of 99.99998% (7N).!/~/product/category=3749226&id=18243484
I use the VPI cable for my traveler and it is as good as my Harmonic Technologies silver phono cable.
I use VPI as well .........

Did you try other Ics against the VPI one ?
No I haven't. I bought my Table from Elusive Disc and it is what Bob Bantz recommended. He said I could sell you a more expensive cable but there is really no reason to spend more money as the VPI does a great job.
I'm using Anti-Cable silver balanced with my Superscout into Ayre....with a smile.
Clear day Audio makes unbelievable silver interconnects as well as speaker cables. You can find him on Audiogon. The cables are a steal and Paul is a great guy. He even lends them out without even a deposit. You don't want it, just send it back. No money has been spent, only the cost for priority mail.
I use Morrow PH6 Grand Reference cable on my Super Scoutmaster Reference rimdrive with excellent results.
Anyone can tell me if I need a dedicated phonocable (with a ground wire) or can I use a regular IC whereas my setup include the BMC MCCI phonostage to which you should not connect a ground wire. Anything to do with the need of the cable to work with low signal such as the output signal of a TT ? Is there a requirement for a shielded cable with low output signal ?
You can run any shielded cable but you may need to run a separate ground wire from the TT to the phono stage or you may produce a hum/buzz.
If you use balanced cable it is DEAD quiet...even with volume control up and an ear against the speaker.