Phono Cable for MusicHall MMF 5.1

My Musichall MMF 5.1 came with an RCA to RCA phono cable.

It sounds OK, but I know that the Phono cable is one cable that will make a difference in sound quality.

Can I use just any RCA to RCA cable ?

The MMF 5.1 has an RCA output (not a DIN) - so would Kimber Hero cables work as "phono" cables?

What is a good recommended phono cable to use with this turntable?

I have an Onkyo PreAmp (to be upgraded soon) hooked to two Monarcy SE-100 monoblocks feeding a pair of NHT VT 2.4 speakers.

The bigger upgrade will come from a separate phono stage, unless your new Preamp has a good one. That, however, means an extra pair of interconnects and an extra power cord. What's your new preamp? If you don't feel it has a strong phono stage, I would wait and save up for one, as I think a better phono stage will make a bigger difference than the interconnects. What's your cartridge also?
The new pre-amp I am considering is the CJ ET-2 or a McIntosh C220. I might get an external phono stage if I go with the CJ.

My cartridge is the Goldring GL200 Moving Magnet.