Phono cable for Graham Phantom

I have a new Graham Phantom with my new TW Acustic Raven One, an Ortofon Vienna cartridge, going into a McIntosh C200. I need advice for a top-quality phono cable.
Florian Hassel
I love the Stealth Hyperphono I'm using with my Raven AC, Phantom, Dyna XV-1s. A great cable, detailed but relaxed and musical sounding. Highly recommended.
Hi; I use a Graham 1.5 TC arm with a Ridge Street Audio Poiema Cable and just love it . The Ridge Street Audio cables just play music no need to look at any other cables IMHO . Marc
I have owned numerous phono cables from the Stealth Hyperphono, Graham IC-70, MIT Oracle, Purist Dominus and the Hyperphono brings on a level of clarity and retains the dimensionality unlike any of the rest. It has been a great cable with the Graham 2.2 arm. I have not heard the Ridge Street but to simply buy it or any other without directly comparing a few in your system is bad advice. I suspect it will take an audition of several cables for you to feel good about running with a cable for the long run.
Hi, I recently got to hear the Steath Hyperphono right next to my Purist Proteus Provectus. In my system. Both with my current SME 20/2 SME IV.Vi Lyra Skala, and with a (on loan) Grand Prix Monaco turntable with Triplanar arm (internally wired with Steath!) and a 2nd Skala. I can see why the others like the Hyperphono and I agree with their descriptions.

However, I'd say the Purist Proteus Protvectus is more similar than different. I'd rate this two cables equal. The Proteus seems to break from Purist's other cables (Venustas and Dominus) in the areas of resolution and clarity. Large improvements here, but retaining the warmth and musicality.

Both are top flight. I am keeping my Purist.

I am seriously considering a Tri-Planar arm (internally wired with Stealth).
I used a Hovland Music Groove 2 with my VPI arm. A fine phono cable for any tone arm. I now have a Triplanar and dont need it any longer if you are interested, heres a link for more info
An excellent cable is Audioquest LEOpard
I am using the Revelation Paradise Cryo-Silver™ Reference Phono/Tone Arm Interconnect cable with XLR connectors.
This unheralded cable is a superb performer. Highly recommended. Others have complained about customer service issues, however I have had a very positive experience with Relvelation Labs.

I need to post a update to my comments above! The Tri planar was NOT internally wired with Steath, Steath just added their custom din plug to the current Tri Planar wiring at the base of the tonearm

Anyway, it still sounded great and the comparison from the Purist to Steath was still on equal grounds.
I use a Phantom arm and TW Acustic Raven table also.

Along with my Phantom I purchased the Graham IC-70 phono cable.
The IC-70 is a fine cable and a good starting point if you want to try other brands.

I have borrowed a couple of other popular brands and directly compared them to the Graham wire.

I settled on the XLO Signature 2-3.2 copper phono cable, member Thomasheisig was right about this wire.
I am in the Stealth Hyperphono clan with a Graham Phantom. However, i have used a Silver Audio Breeze in the past with great results.

I have a Purist Aqueous Anniversary phono cable on Graham Phantom/SME 20/2 to Aesthetix IO Signature.

I want to upgrade to either a Proteus Provectus or a Stealth Hyperphono. Since you have listened to them both in the same system and found them similar, would you elaborate on the differences, subtle as they may be?


Hi Ed,

You won't go wrong with either cable. Especially since you both in your system already today. Also, if you try the Proteus Provectus, you might sell your Dominus. Differences on these 2 being the PP more clarity and lower resolution. And seems to make the fluid/Ferrox diff melt away and split the gap here. You really have to audition this, Dominus is still very good, just in my system the PP was synergistic. Dominus still goes deeper and maybe more demensional.

Regarding the tonearm cables (Stealth Hyperphono vs Proteus Provectus). I had the Stealth on loan from my dealer for a few days. I swapped it back and forth a few times then just left it in and play for a day or two. The Stealth may have a touch more resolution, but with out loosing warmth. The Proteus is close here, but it has a much darker background. My dealer had RFI issues on the Stealth (he lives in town I don't) So not sure if this is a concern or just a issue with him. The Proteus has a since of continuousness from note to note that is uncanny. Honestly, these two are close. I choose the Protues given I already had a all Purist system and I was going to have to spend weeks to see if the Stealth was better.

If you try the Proteus Provecus, watch it, you may want to upgade your Opis, AA and Dominus. I am still using Opis off my DVD player, but I have tried the PP in that location and it's major upgrade. Over Dominus it's more a system matching, but worked out for me.

Hope that helps. Sorry it's not a black and white answer on the tonearm cables.
Hi Ed one final point. I went from Venastus to PP on the tonearm cable. This is no subtle upgrade. It's quite large and since you have the AA tonearm cable, I suspect you will have to same result.

Thanks very much for your analysis. I agree with you that once you reach the Purist and Stealth levels, there's not a lot of black and white between comparable cables even when the materials & designs are quite different.

I have liked the AA much better than the Venustas in my system. The Venustas were base shy, the top end seemed rolled off the midrange seemed a bit smeared. AA has better clarity and resolution top to bottom with good soundstage and imaging. Dominus Ferox is slower than AA and even a bit slower than VD Revelation 2. Dominus has more liquid midrange and sweeter highs than the VD Rev 2, but base is not as tight as VD Rev 2. Stealth Indra RCA did not do well on my Aesthentix IO phonostage, but the IO seems not to like RCA. Indra RCA is superb on my Ayre C-5xeMP, even though its not supposed to sound as good on RCA. Indra is fastest cable I have tried and has biggest soundstage and separation of instruments.

I just bought a used PP XLR so I can try it out against Dominus Ferox VD Rev 2. I'm hoping that it has at least as much resolution as both Dominus and Rev 2 with base, and soundstage more like Rev 2 and mid-range and highs more like Dominus. Hopefully, it will help me decide about phono cable too.

Will let you know how it compares in my system after I have compared them for a couple of weeks.

Thanks again,

I have tried the following with the Phantom 2 arm: Hovland MG2, Tricon, hyperphono and analysis crystal oval. There is inherent difference in sound between all these cables. By changing the input imped on the phono stage, I can make this cables sound closer to each other. I suspect if your phono stage has capacitance adjustments in addition to imped., you can minimize the cable differece even more.

In the end, I went with AP for a very balance and warm sound. It did not suffer any loss in resolution comparing with the rest.
I suggest you try the Crystal Cable Dreamline - your quest will come to an end