Phono cable construction

I am thinking about making a phono cable as I only need a 6 inch cable. I am wondering what metal most phono cables are made of.
1. I would advise to use standard length for phono cable as it's designed to come to cartridge load equation especially if MC cartridge is used.
2. Phono cables are usually made of low-gauge 30...32AWG silver or copper wire (in most of tonearms you can see wires connected to the cartridge clips are very thin. Make sure that you have low-wattage soldering iron with thin soldering tip. You should also have higher than advanced soldering skills not to overheat the wire during soldering.
3. Tonearm wire has to sit tight in the armtube since any mechanical motion of the wire will create noise input onto your phonostage(not only for internal vibration reasons). Pressing the rubber hose with wires onto aruntube is also challenging!
4. FYI... Make sure you realy wanna doit before starting doin' it cause it takes some skill and procedures.
The cable I am talking about is from the arm to the phono preamp. This rca to rca. Although at some point rewriting the arm might be an option.
The rewireing speaks for itself because the wire inside the arm is the same wire inside the RCA interconnects and the best performance is when there's nothing on the signal path except wire up till the phonostage i.e. no solder joints, no din-connectors -- just wire.
6 inches too short i like copper.