phono cable chryoed

Got my hovland 2 chryoed in hopes that it would improve with more life,clarity,detail etc. Was looking for all the improvements chryoed tubes have. The process worked beyond my wildest dreams-highly recommended
cryoed can't make this stuff up ..and yet grownup intelligent people actually buy into this would most likely take another mammal other than man to hear if there was anything to hear.
phono cables are crucial...glad it helped out !! I've owned that's very good....
Jfrech, one only needs to view your system to be convinced that you know of what you speak!! Well done!!!!

You are one lucky person. Your system and room are enviable.

You are absolutely correct about cryogenic treatment of cables, tubes, and anything made of metal. I've been doing it for a long time. Sound is enhanced dramatically. It becomes better focused, more dynamic, and the soundstage is usually better in all directions. Often leading edge transients become less hard but still detailed and natural sounding. Tubes should last much longer too. Cryo treatment is inexpensive and can be found after market by searching the web. If you haven't treated the wires in the rest of your system I encourage you to do so. First check with the mfg to be sure they haven't already done so.
wow, thanks for the compliments !!!

I live in a two bedroom high rise condo. Need I tell you that my listening room looks like my livingroom? Oh no! It IS my livingroom!
Great idea to cryo a phono cable, but even more important following the treatment is to subject the cable to proper burn in on something like the Audiodharma or Nordost cable cookers.

The output level from phono is so low that a cable like that never properly burns in, so if you really want to hear what it's capable of, get it burned in as well.
Any places in Seattle to get cables cryoed? TIA