Phono Box Advice Needed

Advice needed: Has anybody actually used a higher quality phono box, e.g., Cardas, to allow rca interconnect experimentation? It seems this method would allow for auditioning a number of interconnects before purchasing a more difficult to re-sell DIN/RCA terminated cable that may not work in a system.
I'd argue with the difficult to sell din-rca comment. I've sold several in the last 6 months. All went fast, and for asking price. I think a lot of analog nuts are hungry to try cables like you are. (and me)

FYI in my set up, I've used VdH, Graham, Kimber and Hovland. I liked the Hovland the best.
What sense does it make to put extra breaks in the signal path when the signal is at it's lowest output and most fragile? And how can it help to be able to use cables, that while designed for line level signals of around 200mv, are not designed to handle the .2 to 5mv of a phono cartridge? This stuff has never made any sense to me and my practical experience validates the science.
Jfrech and Viridian, thanks for the information and advice. Recently, I have gotten back into vinyl after a 10 year absence,so your advice is appreciated!(former TT was a Well Tempered/Koetsu going into an ARC SP14 via AQ cables), In the last few months,I have talked with a few well-known manufacturers and so far, all have indicated which of their line level interconnects work well in a low-level signal tonearm application...I really don't know if the info is a sales-pitch or accurate. BTW,I had never intended to keep a phono box in the system, just to use it to audition various cables to get a general feel for the sonics. Besides the cables mentioned above, could you guys mention/recommend what you think are better performers? I have read a number of positive comments regarding Cardas Golden Reference as a phono cable...T or F? (Currently, I am using a VPI/SME V/Koetsu RW going into a CJ Premier 15 via an Audio Magic Excaliber II jps to rca.) Thanks!!
The Cardas you mention is really nice. Add the Harmonic Technology and Hovland to your list. I used to run a Koetsu Black gold line in a Well Tempered Arm and can vividly remember how great it was and that was ten years ago! Welcome back, the game begins anew.
I used a Graham interface box( I think Cardas made it), with my Graham arm, for years. I purchased a Cardas Neutral Reference phonocable, so I no longer needed it. I do not know, how much impact, it made on the sound, but I do know, it allowed me to audition, different makers cables easily.
It has only been in the last few years, that a manufacturers phono cable, was different, from his interconnect, in internal construction. Nothing says, that a cable, made for whatever, cannot sound marvelous, in your system, in any application. The hobby is crazy, and only your ears, and your tastes, count.
Did you ever buy a phono interface box? Did it improve the sound? I'm tying to kill a hum/shielding problem in a audiophile DIN-RCA phono cable. I'm hoping the box would kill the hum and not the sound.

Hi Jon,
Actually, I bought a number of phono interconnects and A/B'd them...I ended up with a Harmonic Tech phono cable. Good luck on isolating the hum.