phono arm to pre cables

do you think its better or not to use a phono cable like to audioquest leopard, or a standard interconnect for the arm to pre connection,
just replaced the arm and wire on an oracle paris with an audioquest pt9 with leopard wire and it does sound more dynamic. could i have acheived the same results keeping the pt6 with generic wire and just upgrade the cartridge? probably......everything is a baby step with analologue front ends.....will upgrade cartridge next, etc. etc.....the cable is very nice.
i sure am learning the analogue dance, and loving it also, should be getting my vpi aires three very soon, with 10.5 signature arm, i am using a jps sc2 interconnect now, i have also been doing a bit of tube rolling with my ear 834, its just plan fun to find what sounds best by trial and error,
Dear Stltrains: No doubt that with a better phono interconnect cable you could have an improvement in the quality sound reproduction but a good cable is not inexpensive audio device.

Looking to you system and the " new " comming baby my opinion is that you will be a higher improvement in the quality sound reproduction if you go for a better phono cartridge that your Eroica.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Yes, you should definitely try to use a design specific phono cable. It may be the most critical cable in your system. Depending on your budget, you might want to try the Hovland MG2, or the Cardas..... both are very good.

hello raul, my system has gone through some evolution, i have added a dyavector 20xl, ear 834p, and have the aires 3 coming, the 20xl, 834p and tube rolling has brought a new dimension to my system as i am sure the aires 3 will add also to the improvement in my system, i dont have a baby coming, i have grand children now, i have a lot of time for rock and roll with the wife, you have a good one, and i will look into a phono interconnect for my rig,
Dear Stltrains: The " new baby " ?: well, I refer to the Aries. Sorry.

regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Stltrains : I forgot, I recomemnded the Analysys Plus phono interconnect.

Regards and enjoy the music.
hey raul that one went right over my head, sorry, there are a few i will be looking at, including the coincident phono, the analysis as you recommend, the cardis, hovland, audioquest, and vpi, i think thats the biggest problem we all have, to much product to choose from, and as we all know if you dont try it in your system you really dont know how it will sound, i have been cleaning and listening to lps all day, mosley classic rock, my favorite, you and yours have a great holiday tomorrow, and remember our soldiers who gave there lives for us to be able to live free and do as we please,
Does the JMW-10.5i Signature version tonearm have Nordost Valhalla wiring used internally and within the junction box?

I have seen the standard JMW-10.5i version tonearm and like my current standard JMW-9 version tonearm, they both employ the same VPI grade of Discovery Cables brand internal wiring.

I strongly suggest you use an exact extension of the actual grade of tonearm wiring employed internally, for maximum permissible performance with phono interconnects.

I am currently using a pair of unbalanced terminated 1.0 metre VPI phono interconnects with my JMW-9 tonearm connected to the phono stage, with excellent results, as it's simply just an extension of the tonearm wiring grade used.
Xlr8or yes the signature has valhalla wiring, i have emailed vpi to see if they offer a phono cable using valhalla for the full run to pre, have not received a reply yet, the coincident cable has great following from my internet checking, have a good one,
I don't believe VPI offer any Nordost Valhalla wiring grade phono interconnects.

You may want to ask Mike from VPI, for his own recommendations for a reasonably priced set of phono interconnects, as a pair of Nordost Valhalla grade standard interconnects maybe way over your budget in terms of pricing.

Can you please drop me an email, once you receive the JMW-10.5i Signature tonearm with Aries 3 turntable, as I am also considering purchasing the exact same set-up, to replace my existing Scout turntable with JMW-9 tonearm.

I have used a Dynavector DV 20-XL LOMC cartridge in the past and am now using a DV XX-2 LOMC cartridge. I am about to change my phono stage as well to the EAR 834P Deluxe version, and it would be good to communicate further on our own experiences, as we have very similar vinyl set-ups.
i sure will get with you on the aires 3, i tried a benz glider first it was ok, i had the opportunity to try a dynavector 20xl and it was a easy choice to go with it, i think you are going in the right direction with the 834p, i had mitch do his latest mod and have been rolling tubes also, vip should be getting back to me this week on my phono cable questions, for now the jps superconductor 2 aint to shabby, i havent used any exclusive phono cables yet except the stock one that came with the mmf 7 i have,
renowned mastering engineer steve hoffman has endorsed cables by a guy named grover huffman on his web forum. many on the forum have tried the cables, including myself, and think they're a terrific, and a bargain to boot. grover makes dedicated phono cables in addition to his ic's and speaker cables. here is a link to the thread regarding grover on the hoffman forum:
If you have rca connectors at the terminal junction of your arm, then you can use any IC. Even if your setup requires a DIN connector, you can still use any IC, but will have to have it terminated appropriately.

Here are just a few arm-to-phostage/pre IC suggestions:

Harmonic Technology Magic Link
Origin IC (purposely designed as analog IC)
Discovery Essence

In my system, all are preferred over the Audience Au24, Coincident CST, Placette IC or Jena Labs Symphony. I like the Magic Link best among the three above-listed ICs.

Howeverm, if you can get away with using an unshielded cable from your arm to the phonostage/preamp (shock, horror disbelief), I would strongly recommend that you give Paul Garner's Verbatim cables a try. This also happens to be my reference IC from my APL modded cd player to my preamp.

Happy listening!
i am going with the hovland music groove 2, its on the way