Phono amp question

I am purchasing a PSE HL-1 tube hybrid preamp, and wish to add a phono amp to use with a high output (2.5 mV) Micro Benz ACE. My budget is up to $600-700.

1. Given it is a tube hybrid, is it better to go with a tube v. solid state phono section?

2. Would consider building a kit, and have looked at the Bottlehead Seduction and AES (cary) PH-1. I have also looked at the Project Tube Box SE.

Any other suggestions or recommendations in this price range?

Thanks, Bob
Trigon Vanguard II

I just like solid state with tube preamps.
If you want to build a kit, consider the Hagermans.
Jolida with tubes and wide vaierty of settings (easy to reach dip switchws on back of unit) and you could have some fun tube rolling plus Wally here at Underwood will upgrade latter if you want.Fremmer gave great reviw to Lehman Back Cube so a number were bought and you can find them used (plus look it up and see review inarchives).While there see about upping price you can spend to get anothet tube the EAR for $750-800 used.I was going to get one myself but thik flexibilty of PS Audio unit at $1K list ($760 purchse) because it will allow quick tube swaps with my VPI or if I got another table with changable heads (like SME) it would work well.Other units are better for people with multi arm tables where you want to look for two or more sets of inputs).Think what you mentioned the AES-1 and Hagerman kits are good deals as bottle neck is.First deide tube or not-I'd go for it with as solid state intergrated and not be as concerned if I had tubes.But like Riffer said id you've got glass coming down line nmot as inportant.I'd go used Accustech ph-1 I'd go for for accoustech PH-1 if you can get it for $700 or Lehman Black Cube and not have to worry about tube needing changing etc and more "taught" sound into glass pre.But it's not as much as adding glass to all gllass system or one with tube power amp so it's not such a big deal eitherway/That Accustech has gotten fab reviews everyewhere including from consumers.That would be my choice.
The Bottlehead seduction is an excellent choice and will suite your cart. It sounds very competent right out the box (once built of course!) and responds well to mods.

Another excellent phono is the Audionote phono kit. It is more expensive and a little more involved to build than the Bottlehead but to my ear it does sound slightly better.


There's just so much to choose from.

Thanks to you all for your help.