Phono amp picking up radio station from turntable rca’s

So just got a Mark Levinson preamp with built in phono preamp. Running 2m rca interconnects from turntable as it sits away from other gear and now picking up a local AM radio station. What are solutions to remove this other than moving turntable and 1 meter rca’s. Would a step up transformer work ? Before my setup was phono preamp next to turntable with short interconnects and running Balanced XLR 2 meter cables to preamp and did not have this issue. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.  
All you can do is what anyone does with a noise problem, keep trying until you get lucky and find the source. In general terms, all the wire from the interconnect to the arm and cartridge and all the way until it gets inside the phono stage is one big antenna. That's always the case but we don't usually notice because if the connections are all uniformly good the noise is kind of random white noise and low level. Anything other than a perfect connection acts like a tuner and if it tunes to where there's a radio station, this is what you get.  

Probably if you move the interconnect while connected and volume on you will hear it change. If you're lucky it can be eliminated that easily. If not its just down to trying lots of things. Clean all connections. Including grounds, and not just the RCA going in but going out, and AC. Check phono pins. Tear aluminum foil into strips, wrap around the IC. Try another IC. No one knows what it will be so try whatever's easiest first.
I found the source is the rca interconnect cables from turntable into preamp phono input. When I remove the rca cables from preamp it goes away. Just curious if a step up amp will raise the level of signal enough to cancel out the rfi interference. Really a bummer as the Levinson No 526 has a great phono preamp.

Move the cables around as MC suggested. It makes a huge difference for me with LOMC’s. Not unlike moving rabbit ears back in the day.
A SUT will probably boost the noise too. Unless you attach it directly to the cart.
You need cable with better screens. Is the preamp grounded? Does the ML amp have loading options? Try dropping down to increase the loading.