Phono Amp or Pre Amp with phono stage upgrade?

I am currently using a Rega P25 with a Sumiko Blackbird Cart through a Linn Kolector amp to a Mcintosh MC402 and finally Dali MS5 speakers. I recently included a Pro-ject tube box SE 2 phono stage which seems to smooth out the top end nicely. However, the Pro-ject phono stage is rather low end for my system. Does anyone have something to recommend either to replace the Kollector with another pre amp that has a phono stage included or to replace the Pro-ject while still using the Kollector as a pre amp? I also play CDs so need to have more than a phono stage. Is it better to have a seperate phono stage unit or a preamp with the phono stage included?? Thanks for any input!
Just my humble opinion I like the idea of having separates, you can keep a preamp that works well with your system and then compare phono stages to find the right match. Or vice-a-versa. Then again if you're the type that doesn't one to compare or are limited for space, there are excellent full function preamps that come with excellent phono stages. According to my research, shindo is one of them. Even then if you decide to compare, you can plug a stand alone phono stage to one of the inputs on the full function preamp.
As for recommendations, I like the K & K kit/assembled. It bettered my EAR834p and jlti, though not by much. Also the phono stage is cartridge dependent and I haven't tried too many as of yet to say conclusively which of my three suits me best.
I will keep posting as I learn.