phono amp for high output MC carts

Hi, I am looking for a good match for Dynavector 10x4 Mk.II cartridge used on VPI 19jr, AQ-6 arm. the cartridge has an output of 2 mV and designed for 47K ohms load. My impression is that it's better to run it with (high gain) MM phono stage. My budget is under $1K. I am more inclined to use tubed equipment. The rest of the system: Belles 150A amp, GTA SEP1 pre, Monitor Auduo Silver 5 speakers please advise gene
The Musical Surroundings Phonomena ($600) is nearly equal to the performance of the Audio Research PH-3 ($1500). I have the same as you, except for the PT-8 and the Benz Lo4. It can be set for 50k or even 100k ohms, and even has capacitance loading selection, besides gain. I use around 400 ohms, 200 pico farads, and 55 dB of gain for the Lo4 (output is .85 mv). I used it with a Glider HO also (2.8 mv output). I used 44 dB gain, and 50k ohms. Certainly got the most out of it. I use MIT EVO interconnect with it (got it used). Sounds almost beyond music...
Check into the Electrocompaniet ECP 1 or the Blue Circle BC23 or for less is the Musical Fidelity X LP 2 monoblocks with separate power supply - I have one of these left and can let the package go for 550 with shipping.
If you want to listen to music pick up the EAR 834P. It is a wonderful tube preamp (phono only) which can be had new for $895. I picked up mine from a dealer demo unit for $625, truly a steal. I've also heard the Audio Research PH3 which I found hard to listen to for a long period of time. I thought it was grainy in the high frequencies. If your judgeing your gear on sounding like music this would be the way to go. Read the stereophile review in recommened components. And believe me this preamp is not dark. I have also just purchased a Basis 1400 with a Rega RB 300 arm with the Dynavector 10X4 Mk.11 and it is a killer combo. I have seen them on the used market but not very often. Hmmmmmm I wonder why? But at $895 for a new unit you can't go wrong. Trust me you will love this preamp.